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Life on a Southern Plantation

No description

Anna Graham

on 15 January 2012

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Transcript of Life on a Southern Plantation

Life on a Southern Plantation
By Anna Graham Slave's cabins were very small. They were barely big enough for a whole family. The day in the life of a slave was all about hard work. There was only a short break for lunch. Planters' homes were very large. All of the rooms were very nice and well furnished. There were house slaves and field slaves, Planters children went to school,slave children did not. Planters' children went to school. When girls were only 9 or 12 years old they stopped going to school. Slave children never even went to school. Slave children normally walked with the planters' children to school to carry their books. To conclude my presentation, I think that the life on a southern plantation was very different from our lives. I have learned many things from this project and I hope you have learned from my presentation. Planters and their families wore very nice clothes. Slaves wore clothes the planters families did not want anymore. The slaves got one outfit a year from the planters' families. The women slaves got thread and cloth to make clothes for their families when the other clothing got so worn out they were not wearable anymore. Slaves were not the only ones doing work, planters had to watch the slaves work. They watched them because they wanted to make sure the slaves were doing everything correctly. The planters and their families ate a very large meal. The meal was served by the house slaves. Slaves recieved a little bacon and corn for a meal once a day after the planters and their family were served their meal. There were two types of slaves. There was a field slave and a house slave. The field slaves worked out in the heat all day with the planters watching them. The house slaves worked inside with the planters' wives watching them. Compared to the field slaves, the house slaves had a pretty easy life, but not that easy.
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