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PEGS Chart

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on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of PEGS Chart

P.E.G.S. : The Four Themes of Social Studies
"P" is for Political
"Political" refers to things like government or politics!

In World Cultures, we will use this theme to discuss:
Types of Government (Examples: democracy, theocracy, and communism)
Capital Cities
Heads of State*

*A "Head of State" is the leader of a country. Barack Obama is the Head of State for the US.

"E" is Economic
Economics has to do with money

In World Geography, when we look at the Economic themes for a country or a region, we might look at:

Agriculture-What is grown there? What animals do people raise?

Industries- Tourism, clothing, machinery, cars.

What is the unemployment rate?

"G" is Geographic
In World Geography we will discuss the Geographic theme often!

Geography has to do with:
Location-Where can a place be found on a map?

Climate-Weather, temperature and rainfall

Physical Features- Are there major rivers? What about mountains?
"S" is Social
The Social Theme is all about people!

In this class, we will use this theme to look at:


Population-How many people live in an area?


Anything that has to do with everyday life!
Using the PEGS chart in Google Classroom, read your folktale.

Make note of all factors political, economic, geographic, and social.

Submit chart through Google Classroom.
But Wait!!
Geography is more than what we can find on a map!

As we study Geography this year, we will often be looking for answers to big questions about how HUMANS interact with the world around them, especially when we discuss the environment!

How many of you have heard the term "P.E.G.S" before?

PEGS is a categorizing strategy for categorizing information into smaller "chunks." Not only are smaller pieces easier to remember, but categorizing increases your brain power.

The ability to sort information into categories enhances the ability to effectively generalize, evaluate, and synthesize. Categorizing information can involve the creation of simple or sophisticated groupings of information.

In our class we will go over different types of economies.

The four Economic Systems (types of economies) are:

-Free Market
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