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jason and rhianne

feet first

Bothkennar Primary

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of jason and rhianne

Burke and Hare killed their victims by befriending them and getting them drunk. Once they got so drunk they could hardly stand Burke or Hare would suffocate them by striking two fingers up their nose and putting their thumb under their chin. Then they would sell the body to Dr.Knox’s assistant who would possibly give them eight to ten pounds. They would often befriend homeless people, loners and drifters because they wouldn’t be missed.

James Wilson “Daft Jamie” was killed by Burke and Hare but he was well known around Edinburgh so people got suspicious when they saw his body on the dissection table.

When Mary Paterson was put on the dissecting table one student thought she was so beautiful he started sketching her. Then another said, “That’s Mary Paterson!” He also said that she was in perfect condition the night before. Burke and Hare were ordered to cut off her hair to disguise her on the table. When they figured out about the murders they reported their suspicions to the police.

On the first of November 1828 Burke, Hare and their two wives were arrested. As soon as they were arrested Hare and the two wives turned “Kings Evidence” for immunity. Burke had a month in Calton Gaul before he was hanged on the 28th of January 1829. Burke was hanged in front of 25,000 people that missed their work. The rope that he was hanged by was the wrong way so instead of the rope breaking his spine, he suffocated. The body of Burke was dissected by Dr. Knox’s rival, Dr. Alexander Monroe. His skin and other things involved in his hanging were sold.

Hare had to change his name to William Black. He was seen on a mail coach by the Wilson’s (aka Jamie Wilson’s) family lawyer. The lawyer started gossiping about it and when they stopped in Dumfries 8,000 people gathered to beat him up. At that point the police came and made a passage way for the mail coach to get to London. Maggie Laird, Hare’s wife was believed find work in Paris as a nanny. Burke’s wife was believed to stay in Scotland. Dr.Knox left Edinburgh for London because he was disgraced from his involvement in the murders.

By Jason
Burke and Hare

Killers The Feet First On the
first walk Our first Canal walk was at the Falkirk wheel. We walked along the Union canal which is conected to the forth and clide by the falkirk wheel. At the end of the Union canal we learned about William Burke and William Hare. They killed people then they would gave the body to a person called Dr.Nox who would dissect the body to know how the human body work. Thes are some
photos of our
first canal walk This is what we did on the first canal walk second canal walk On our second canal walk was at Hallglen to go insid the prospect hill tunnel.
It was aboute half a mile long. When we got back to school we went on to
write a story called Horrer at Prospect Hill Tunnel
After we got on the bus at the canal walk Miss Cassidy counting the children “16, 18, 20. That can’t be right!” So she counted again. “2, 4, 6,” until she got up to 20 again. “There are two people missing!” so she did the register. It turned out to be Jason and Robbie. She asked who the last to see them was. Two hands shot up. It was Chloe and Ross. They said, “They were at the back and they were messing around.”

Earlier that Day...
Jason and Robbie started getting bored so they started exploring and investigating. They saw chains which looked to have flesh and blood on them. The walls were covered in stalactites. It felt like slime on their hands and it looked like icicles were hanging from the roof.
A blood- red mutant with pure black eyes that could stare into your soul and crush your spirit emerged from amongst the water. The sound of the water dripping blocked out the sounds of their bodies getting dragged into the water when the group of teachers walked past the dragging point. There were bubbles coming up but they could not see anything.

The group phoned the police. In an hour they heard the sirens. Men in swimsuits came out the cars. The divers jumped into the canal. They found a tunnel. They followed it. It led to a small cave. There was slime all over the walls. Then one quickly noticed the two boys chained to the wall. The diver swam back to the surface of the canal. He quickly said, “They are in a secret cave chained to the wall.” So the people on the surface gave him a lock pick to let the boys free. But when he got back to the cave the boys were gone. Jason and Robbie were being engulfed by the slime. Then they ferociously broke free and swam back to the canal. So that was it- or was it ?

By Jason

My prospect Hill Tunnel story Here is my prospect hill tunnel story This is a horror story I wrote about two boys that get left behined in prospect hill tunnel.
Prospect hill tunnel is the tunnel we walked through on our second walk. This is a picture of the laughin' and greetin' bridge. This is a picture of prospect hill tunnel The third canal walk The third walk was at the carron
sea lock where we saw a boat called ReaperII. Then we went on to write a horror story about the ReaperII We also played a game called canalphabet snoup it is like alphabet soup you have to look and listen and write what we hearand see. Then we went to the lock
gates where Sandy and
Donald let us open the lock. The forth canal walk On this canal walk we planted hothorn trees aka fairy trees. we had to dig a hole then put
coppeys of our spring haiku. Spring Haiku

Departed, bronze leaves
Floating slowly to the ground
Space for the new life

By Jason
This is my spring haiku. fifth canal walk On our fifth walk we learned how every thing is conected like trees are conected with oxygen so trees keep us alive. then we went on to get sticks and then we put ribbon around we used silver for water green for the tree topsand blue for the sky. The last canal walk on the last walk we
went on the falkirk wheel after going to the roughcastle fort
and then we went to the iron-bru park Thes are called
lilia they wher death traps inkas of atacking ithe night.
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