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Rainwater Harvesting and Beyond

Internship at the Desert Botanical Garden

Einav Henenson

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Rainwater Harvesting and Beyond

By Einav Henenson
Rainwater Harvesting and Beyond
About Myself
Gentry Farm Project
DBG Yearly Water Usage:
Water Usage &
RWH Potential
1. Irrigation do not reach some plants- water is wasted while plants struggle
2. Water is flowing away from plants- trails are flooded
3. Many unused but open spaghetti lines- one gallon (at least) is wasted each operating hour
Water Efficiency & Irrigation
For the amazing experience
at the Desert Botanical Garden
Entrance of Horticulture Building
First Projects
Kibbutz Gesher, Israel
At the banks of the Jordan River
Next to Sea of Galilee
Natural Resources Conservation
Sustainability & Design
Trench in Wildflower Trail
1. Flagging & Plant Survey
2. Soil Testing
3. Check Dam
4. Propagating & Planting
26,280,232 gallons!!
• Cost of Water Usage:
Total: 172,791 Dollars
Per Gallon: 0.6575 cent
DBG Yearly Amount of Rain:
Rooftops: 231,223 gallons
Total 50 acres: 10,182,150 gallons
Value of this Rainwater
66,947 US Dollars!!
Recommendations for Harvesting:
- Permeable materials for paths, roads, and parking lots - allow percolation
- Pathways above beds - allow water to flow off surface to the gardens.
- Slopes for impermeable materials - allow rainwater drainage onto landscape

Intern at the Horticulture Department
1. Adjust lines to reach plants,
2. Build rings to maintain the water,
3. Plug unused drips.
1. Adjusted 11 spaghetti lines
2. Created rings around 6 plants
3. Guff-plugged 41 drips
Beyond Rainwater Harvesting:
A collection of other activities
Plant Grass in grassland
Help building Apache Structure
Plant Yuccas in Yucca Forest
Release a toad into the wild
Harvest Saguaros
Plant Sale
Release Monarchs in Butterfly Pavilion
Inspired by nature
- Internship in DBG
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