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Inspired Solutions Worldwide Streamless introduction

Explaination of the Stream-Less

Jean Worsley

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Inspired Solutions Worldwide Streamless introduction

Dome cartridge sits
on top- installation
is complete!
Threads into the
trap below……….
One-way valve goes
in from above……….
Stream-less installation:
Turn off water and
take out bottle trap
Fit Stream-less trap
to the waste pipe
Original bottle trap
Stream-less installation:
Originally, ‘water-less’ urinals only meant ‘No-Water’ urinals

Nowadays, people refer to ‘Low-Flow’ urinal systems as ‘Water-less’

Some may say: ‘We’ve tried water-less urinals, they smell’

The Stream-less is different: one-way valve, ease of installation & cost savings

Stream-less is fully reversible, you have nothing to lose & everything
to gain!
Some interesting points:
Cost Saving Calculator:
*Costs are approximate
‘Fill n Flush’ urinals- existing system, no installation cost, £400/year cost-in-use (water)

‘Low-Flow’ urinals- 2-3 hours to fit, £200 initial cost, £170/year cost-in-use (sanitizer, cartridge domes & water) & STILL SMELL!

‘No-Water’ urinals- huge install project, £300-700 initial cost, £140/year cost-in-use (oil & cartridges)

‘Stream-less’ No-Water urinals- 5 mins to fit, £99.99 initial cost for 1st year, £93.46 a year thereafter.
Advantages & Dis-advantages:
No-Water Urinal System
Replace cartridges every 3 months
Replace one-way valve every 12 months
Stream-less comes in three sizes- 1.25”, 1.5” & 2”
90% of urinals are 1.5”
Urinal troughs are either 1.5” or 2”
Will fit 97% of urinal designs including concealed trap urinals
Calcium & limescale in the water are the main reason for pipes clogging- we don’t have any water so pipes stay clearer for longer
If waste pipe is already clogged up, replace the waste pipe back to the 4” stack
Still need to continue to ‘spray & wipe’ the urinals to clean them
No need to increase your cleaning- continue with existing cleaning frequency
Answers to FAQ’s:
‘Fill n Flush’ urinals- standard urinal system, flushes 24/7

‘Low-Flow’ urinals- (PHS style) reduced flushing with flush control, cistern sanitizer & enzyme cartridge dome- NO ODOUR TRAP!

‘No-Water’ urinals- (McDonalds style) replacement bowl with special odour trap

‘Stream-less’ No-Water urinals- retro-fit system with special odour trap & enzyme cartridge dome
Different Urinal Systems:
Use our water saving calculator to work out your exact cost savings and buy back time.

Stream-Less Annual Starter Pack £99.99 + vat
Stream-Less Annual Refill Pack (4 cartridges & 1 one-way valve) £93.46 + vat

visit www.inspiredsolutionsworldwide.com or call us on 07419 338 412
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