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Nur Aqiala

on 18 December 2013

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18 staff, include three professsional staff.

The person in charge the interview session is Madam Hamidah Md. Nordin.

In the MACC, the person in charge of keeping the records and the file room in MACC administration department is the clerk, which is Raja Yusni Aliza Raja Ramli.

Organizational Charts
Among the acts that are used in the MACC is Official Secrets Act 1972 (Act 88).

MACC also use ‘Pekeliling Perkhidmatan Bilangan 5 tahun 2007- panduan pengurusan pejabat’ (Public Service Circular no. 5 of 2007-Office Management Guidance) to perform administrative offices more efficiently, organized and effective.  

In the context of records management, the MACC has its own legislation to ensure the safety of their records.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission
The creation of record happened when the staff produce or receive a record which has a permanent value.

The records that need to be filed are inward correspondence, copies of outward correspondence, internal minutes and internally documents.

All the mails or correspondence that are sent out and receive are recorded in the computer.

Prepared by:
Fara Roslinda Binti Salleh 2013871614
Halimatushaadiah Binti Ashabi 2013290566
Nurazuani Binti Mahmud 2013453556
Nur Aqiala Binti Razali 2013868668

Prepared for:
Madam Nik Azliza Binti Nik Ariffin

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC ) Selangor known as the Anti -Corruption Agency ( ACA), it was established in 1974 .

It began operations in Building Government Circular Road, Off Jalan Temerloh , Kuala Lumpur until December 1980 .

The first director was Mr. Selangor MACC . Abd . Azizi Bin Abd Jalil .

Selangor MACC later moved into a new office space as the existing office could not accommodate the growing number of officers operating in address Level 6, 7 & 8 , Wisma PKPS , Cruise Township, Section 14 , 40675 Shah Alam , Selangor on 1 March 2010 until the present .

History of MACC
Staff and Responsibility
MACC has decentralized of record management.

All registries in MACC have various records practice.

Each registry has different records systems, record staff, space for registries and records equipment and supplies.

Moreover, there are also different in classification scheme use, care, custody and the method to dispose.


MACC is tightening the security of external threats.

The organization has access door that requires a pin number and the smart card itself MACC.

Visitors should write their name and identity card number in the log book of visitors and visitors must wear a visitor pass for security purposes.

Building materials must be strong, high quality, non-flammable and penetrated by water equipped with fire suppression systems.
-MACC using fire extinguisher, smoke detector, water sprinkler, security access door and Close Circuit Television (CCTV).

Record storage needs good air circulation with appropriate temperature and also provide dehumidifier
-This department applies average temperature that is not too cold and too hot to prevent the records from damage.
-Not provide dehumidifier in the records storage room.
Records that contact with water shall be dried using a fan and can not be dried in the sun.
-In the administration department of MACC, if there are torn records, the staff will repair it with tapioca glue to avoid it from become worse.

Not allow the staff to bring food, drinks and smoke inside this room.

Vital records is the records contains important information which useful for continuing operation of the organization.

The files are classified according to function and every section of the shelves is label with its function.

There are two types of files exist in this file room. There are
open file
classified file
which is confidential file.

The administration department use iron cabinet, wood shelves, files that have been prove by the government and green rope to tie the records in the files.

The staff uses three colours pen which are red, blue and black.
Television, telephone, fax machine, photocopy machine, shredding machine, computer, and air conditioner.

Computer Circuit Television (CCTV), water sprinkler, fire extinguisher and access door card.

This organization has moderate level of security to the records.

Two clerks who are responsible to hold the key of file room.

The file room should be staffed during working hours. All the safety precaution should be closely monitor to prevent from unauthorized access.

Other than that, security equipment such as fire extinguisher, alarm system and CCTV are also included in the file room.

The administration department of SPRM is located at level eight in Selangor Agricultural Development Corporation Complex.

For record management in this department, the files which contain records in the admin department are store in one room.

This department only use one room to store the files. For open file, the staffs keep it on the shelf inside the records storage room.

MACC records management can be categorized in records management because:
-the MACC conscious in classifying records according to importance.

-MACC has classified the records according to the colour and significance.

-MACC also provides the file room for every department in the organization to facilitate the classification of the records by department.

MACC tightened the access records not only from the outside but the staff also had to go through procedures for accessing the records.

The first threat is any staff can access the records in the administration department.

Besides that, staff also can keep the document or record at their place for a long period they like.

Improve the arrangement in the file room.

Enlarge the size of file room.

Have the proper disposition of non active records.

Increase the security in the file room.

(MACC) has many opportunities to improve their records management which are improving the system that they use in managing records because.

It is meaning that they must not allow staff to use and keep the record at their place for a long time.

The department also can add or make the space of record storage room bigger to store the incoming records in the future.

Must be always contact with the National Archives of Malaysia to get the information and advice in all how to get better the record management.

The improper arrangement of file that has been detected is at the file room.

They are using good classification system which is alphanumeric system, however there are not sort into alphabet order.

The organization do not have proper disposition of non active records which conducted by National Archive of Malaysia.

The size of file room is small.

The security in the file room is low.
Anything related to the study of the records in the MACC, the researcher must :
-make an appointment by calling the MACC.
-sending a letter of notification
-waiting for a call from the MACC to confirm the date .

MACC law is quite strict in their records management procedures as the researcher must provide personal information to access, write in the book outsiders into the MACC to get into the organization.
An outsider or researcher must wear visitor passes that allowed seeing the records management within the organization.

Disposal of records must be in accordance with the instructions, rules and guidelines set by National Archive of Malaysia Act 2003.

Before disposition must fill disposal schedule.

This department does not do any destroying records follow the disposal schedule set by National Archive of Malaysia Act 2003.

They destroy the records that do not been used anymore using shredding machine which is available in this department.

MACC administration department has classified records through colour according to the color that have been prescribed.

Yellow file - file has a big secret
red file - secret files
green - confidential files
white files - admin files.

Entry record and exit records have to be registered in the log book and pen colors are determined to classify entry records and exit record.

The accommodation that provided in this department:

-waiting area
-television and reading materials
-pantry for staff use.

They also have meeting room for staff doing discussion, meeting or briefing about some information.

In a nutshell, records management is very important because each record has evidence of an organization and its own history.

The records management in the MACC administration department should be in a better and safer condition, so that there had been no malpractice record in the organization.

Related Policies
Record Management
Creations of Records
The records are been classified into two categories which are housekeeping records and functional records.

Housekeeping records :
-records about administration, supply and equipment, financial, and human resource.

Functional records:
-records about SPRM.

The officers classified all these records based on their function or activity that reflect the records itself.

The coding system used is alphanumeric duplex system (comprise of alphabet and number with followed by hyphens (-) or slash (/) sign).

MACC also use color coding in classified the records.

Classifying Records
Management of Vital Records
Access and Security
Preserving Records
Equipment and Stationary
SWOT Analysis
Destroying Records
In the administration department of MACC Shah Alam, they do not apply the retention schedule yet.

They plan to have it in the future when it is needed.

Does not apply retention schedule, other department such as record department which contain many types of records have apply the retention schedule.

Retention Schedule
MACC is one of statutory bodies and government agencies that have records pertaining to corruption as it is for the anti-corruption agency.

The administration is the department that process of administering.

Administration department very important.
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