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EVS 2013 Italy

No description

Yāna Vasileva

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of EVS 2013 Italy

L'ora della Terra
Earth hour
Reading in the park
Photo exhibition
Youth exchanges
During my EVS I was able to work in the organization, coordination and implementation of several youth exchanges
English classes
With Katelijn Gijsel we developed separate programs for the non- formal English classes we were giving based on the different age groups we were working with.
EVS in Italy 2013
European tandem
The first local event I organized with the help of the municipality and the youth forum.
One hour without electricity, one hour of acoustic music and candles.
The idea was to use the initiative of WWF to bring more ecological awareness in the local community.
This is the story of my European Voluntary Service in Italy. The name of the project was "Next generation" and its aim was focused on non- formal education of English. My sending organization was YDCMA- Kazanlak, Bulgaria and my hosting one- YouNet- Bologna, Italy with the assistance of the municipality of Sala Bolognese, Bologna.
Throughout the project I was able to develop different skills and abilities and also to realize personal projects and participate in local events. At the end, the project grew beyond its original aim into a variety of activities which are further described.
- School activities:
6-8 years old - Fruit Twister
8-10 years old - Fruit and vegetable store
10-15 years old - "The MEGAzine"

- After school activities:
We were helping in the initiative "Aiuto compiti" (homework help) organized by the municipality of Sala Bolognese

- Classes and tandem with adults in Italian and English
An initiative promoting outdoor free libraries and reading among children.
Teaching Bulgarian and English during an event in Bologna
...filming and editing videos
Organizing activities for YE...
... for more information:

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