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Copy of Qualities of an Ideal Tour Guide

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MItch Molly

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Qualities of an Ideal Tour Guide

Will enable the guide to withstand mentally and physically exhausting experiences.
It is usually accompanied by friendliness and generosity.
When guides are enthusiastic about their subject, they are usually inclined to acquire more knowledge about it and therefore more confident when they present it.
Since guides are in the business of meeting, welcoming and working for strangers, it is important that they be friendly, open in many types of situations and encourage others to do the same.
An outgoing and approachable nature
This includes the ability to be adaptable and patient.
Flexibility and patience are essential in the travel business where even the best planned itinerary may go wrong.
It enables guides to carry on their duties effectively, to put people at ease, and to help create enjoyable experiences.
Qualities of an Ideal Tour Guide
One of the signs of a leader is the belief to initiate change and the willingness to assume responsibility for initiating change.
This proactive behavior is necessary for success in guiding because guides are subject to challenging and unpredictable situations for which they must find quick solutions.
A proactive nature
Guides are compassionate, respectful, tactful
They are sensitive to the needs of tourists.
This characteristic means genuineness and honesty.
A pleasant, profession appearance
First impressions are often lasting and are frequently based on one’s physical appearance.
Sense of humor
A good sense of humor can bring people closer together, put them at ease and help make travel enjoyable instead of stressful and unpleasant.
Good communication skills
Good health
Personal Integrity
A well rounded body of knowledge about different topics is very important.
Several programs are available on such relevant topics as the travel industry, cross-cultural.
The most knowledgeable and sensitive person will not succeed as a guide without the ability to communicate well.
It includes articulation, eye contact, gestures and a clear pleasant speaking voice. It will be very difficult for a guide if he does not possess any of these skills.
A nasal voice, a thick accent, wrong inflections, nervous gestures are very distracting and overshadow the positive traits a guide possesses.
Time management and organization skills are very important skills.
The tasks that a tour guide must perform everyday are sticking to a schedule despite delays, meeting appointments, interacting with guests.
Guides are expected to write and record checks, confirm reservations, coordinate routes with drivers, update their agencies about the tour’s status. All of these tasks require consistent planning, time management, precise attention to details.
A guide must be able to make quick decisions. These decisions may be unpopular or costly.
Guiding is strenuous. It entails a good deal of walking, long and irregular hours, different diets and eating schedules; the stress of always being in the spotlight requires plenty of energy and flexibility.
A strong sense of ethics is essential to success.
Guides have a moral responsibility to themselves, their employers, colleagues, travelers and even to their regions.
It is defined as a personal magic of leadership arousing popular loyalty or enthusiasm.
Charisma is the combination of the many traits that a guide should possess. Some level of charisma is evident in most successful guides.
Moments of Truth
The success or failure in guiding as in any service industry
means a crucial moment
a moment when a person or thing is put to the test
According to Jan Carlzon, he defined “moments of truth” as:
“That precise instant when the customer comes into contact with any aspect of your business and, on the basis of that contact, forms an opinion about the quality of your product”.

And Karl Albrecht calls these “moments of truth” as:
“The anthem for service management”
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