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Themes in Book one of Fablehaven

No description

Allison Work

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Themes in Book one of Fablehaven

In this presentation you will learn two themes from Fable Haven book one and eveidence to support the themes that I chose.
Theme One
In book one of Fable Haven an often theme would be Kendra
Theme Two
A common theme would be Seth exploring there grandpas land.
Over View
Theme one was Kendra and Seth perservering. Theme two was Seth and a little bit of Kendra not following the rules that there grandpa told them not to do.
Evidence for Theme One
Kendra persevered when she was trying to save her family from Muriel. She tried to get to the other side of the room but the Trolls were holding her back. So she tried to get the Trolls to let go of her or escape them multiple times. When she finally got out of the Trolls grips she tried to get her family off of the wall but failed but that is an example of perseverance because she kept trying.
Evidence for theme two
Seth was exploring the woods after his grandpa told him a list of rules 1.Treat the house with respect 2.Stay out of the woods or else you'll get lyme disease 3.Stay on the lawn seth went in the woods and found a mysterious shack with an old woman in it. He made Kendra find weird milk to see fairies because Kendra was looking for Seth.
Themes in Book one of Fable Haven
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