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Theodore Roosevelt

Legend.... wait for it.... hope you're not lactose intolerant because the next word is... DAIRY

Jessica Sellers

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Theodore Roosevelt

Spanish American War
Assembly of New York
Member of the Civil Service Commission 1889
Governor of New York 1898 Background Chief Legislature Rare Consultation with Congress Commander and
Chief B Chief Legislature
Grade B Commander and Chief Grade Sherman Anti- trust Act
Elkins Act of 1903
Hepburn Act
Equal Economic Opportunity
Panic of 1907 Guardian of the
Economy B Guardian of the
Economy Grade 1902 Midterm Elections
1906 Midterm Elections
Founder of Bull Moose Party Chief of Party B Chief of Party
Grade Speeches: Head of State Final Grade The bad The good Theodore Roosevelt Head of State Grade *Progressive Party August 6th 1912 *Address to Veterans July 4th 1903 Appearances: *Appeared at schools and Progressive Political Action Groups A Chief Executive Appointed Federal Judges
Highly Organized
Power Transition
Challenged Limited Government
Regulated Big Businesses Chief Diplomat Strong Foreign Policy
Called for Extreme Reforms
Global Power
Philippine Government Act
Nobel Peace Prize Chief Diplomat Grade A Chief Executive B Any Questions? Acts
Immigration, Anti-Trust, Antiquities Relationship with Congress Square Deal *Trusts Broken Agenda Vetoes Panama Roosevelt Corollary Navy - Great White Fleet Increase Naval Spending B+ Chief Legislature Angered Large Businesses
Strain Relationship with Congress Commander and Chief Military Placement
Rare Congressional Consultation Chief Legislature Commander and Chief Progressive Reforms
Protect Forests and Consumers
Panama Canal
Increased Navy Chief of Party Mid Term Election Outcomes
Election win
Founder of Bull Moose Party Chief of Party ran against his original party Guardian of Economy Unable to Stop Panic of 1907 Guardian of Economy Sherman Anti-trust Act
Economic Opportunity Equality
Hepburn Act Chief Executive Chief Diplomat Head of State Head of State Other National Parks Table of Contents 1: Background
2: Chief Legislature
3: Commander and Chief
4: Guardian of Economy
5: Chief of Party
6: Head of State
7: Chief Diplomat
8: Chief Executive
9: Overall Grade
10: Questions? Made many Appearances at schools Inspired many with his speeches Broke Many Trusts
Lead to Anti Capitalism Strong Foreign Policy
Global Power Highly Organized
Regulated Big Business
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