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Mail Merge & Label Generation

No description

Shamei Añulatac

on 24 November 2016

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Transcript of Mail Merge & Label Generation

Mail Merge
This feature allows you to

them with another
document or data file.
Figure 1.
Sample Form Document
Mail Merge & Label Generation
an automated way of creating and sending uniform letters with different recipients
Two Components
of Mail Merge
Form Document
It contains the main body of the message we want to send. It remains the same no matter whom you send it to.
a "form that you fill out with individual information.
Place Holders (Data/Merge Fields)
It marks the position on your form document where
individual data or information will be inserted.
It is denoted by the symbol (<< >>)
Two Components
of Mail Merge
List or Data File
This is where the individual information
or data that needs to be plugged in (merged) to the form document is placed and maintained.
Simply put, it creates a blank form document that stimulates either a blank label or envelope of pre-defined size and will use the data file that you selected to print the information, typically individual addresses.
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