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Hang Son Doong Cave in Vietnam

A project for Computer Applications class

Chandler Davis

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Hang Son Doong Cave in Vietnam

What will happen to it
Soon it will open to the public
People want to make a business out of it
Only a portion of the cave will be open to the public
Hang Son Doong Cave in Vietnam
Facts about Son Doong Cave
How big is Son Doong
Cave facts
How was it formed?
It means Mountain River cave in Vietnamese
Ho-Khanh found it in 1991
It is near the Laos-Vietnam border
It was first explored in 2009 by cavers from the US, UK, and Vietnam
Cavers all over the world went to see it
A large amount of water made a hole in the ground
Minerals formed stalagmites and stalagteites
Other formations like cave bacon and sheilds were formed by different minerals
Depth of the main entrance is 490 feet
Length of the cave is over 2 miles
It took 7 days and 6 nights for professionals to explore
There is a jungle inside of the cave
It is made out of limestone
It is around 2-5 million years old
There are 2 known openings
The Largest Cave in the World
It is at the Quang Binh province in Vietnam
It is near a lot of limestone
It is under a big jungle
Chandler Davis
Map of Hang Son Doong Cave
How many times have explorers been in Son Doong?
Son Doong has been explored at least 100 times
The scale of Son Doong
The entire shopping area of harrisonburg will fit in Son Doong
How big is it compared to the previous largest cave
It is five times larger than Malls al Jinn
It could be much larger than people think it is
It is called the worlds largest cave because it has the largest rooms
The longest cave is Mammoth Cave in Kentucky,Usa over 390 miles and more is found every day
Son Doong is so much smaller than Mammoth cave but son doong has the largest rooms
Where is it?
It has been explored more than that now because people go in all of the time
Underground Lake
Jungle in cave entrance
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