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Spanish Grammar

Teaching aid for basic spanish

Nicole Hively

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Spanish Grammar

Present Tense Past Tense Spanish Nicole Hively Subject Pronouns

yo- I

tú- you

usted- you
él- he
ella- she

Direct Object me- me

te- you

lo, la- it, him,
Parts of Speech Sketches Well, she and young John walk to the school slowly. Nouns Making Plural Articles Indefinite Definite Pronouns Adjectives mi, mis- my nuestro/a/os/as- our
Tu, tus- your Vuestro/a/os/as- your
Su, sus- his, her, Su, sus- his, her Noun -
Article -
Pronoun -
Adjective -
Adverb -
Preposition -
Conjunction -
Verb -
Interjection - Future Tense VERBS Well, she and young John walk to
the school slowly. Well, she and young John
walk to the school slowly. Well, she and young John walk to
the school slowly. school, John the she quickly tall to and walk well have gender have number masculine- El libro feminine- La silla singular- La mesa plural- Las mesas ends in S ends in consonant end in Z el
masculine singular
feminine singular
masculine plural
feminine plural

masculine singular
feminine singular
masculine plural
feminine plural

nosotros/as- we

you-all familiar

ustedes you-all
ellos/as -they nos- us

os- you all

los, las- them you Indirect Object me- me

te- you

le- him,
her, it nos- us

os- you

them, you stressed possessive adjectives mío/a/os/as - mine
tuyo/a/os/as -your
suyo/a/os/as -his/hers/yours
nuestro/a/os/as- ours
vuestro/a/os/as- yours
suyo/a/os/as- theirs Demonstrative Adjectives éste éstos
ésta éstas (this one here) ése ésos
ésa ésas (that one there) aquél aquéllos
aquélla aquéllas (that over there) Well, she and young John walk to the school slowly. Reflexive Pronouns me
se Personal "a" pronouns A mí A nosotros/asA ti A vosotros/asA el, A ella A ellos/as A ud.sA ud. Possessive adjectives Other 1. Drop ending and then add –ísimo/a/os/as Bella Ella es bellísima
2.Add –archi , -requete,
or –super to the beginning
Bonito El es archibonito Past, Present, Future Tense Indicative, Imperative, Subjunctive Mood Adverbs Frequency Time Sequence Indicative Mood Subjunctive Mood Indicative Irregulars Subjunctive Irregulars Imperative Mood Imperative Irregulars tu Imperative Irregulars 3rd Indicative mood

Subjunctive mood

Imperative mood

Indicative Mood Preterite Tense Irregulars Imperfect Imperfect Irregulars Conjunctions Prepositions Interjection
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