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Singapore Airlines

Customer Relationship Management along with SIA brief historty, SWOT, Service Marketing Mix and strategies

Abhilash Kondraganti

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Singapore Airlines

MANAGEMENT Malayan Airways(1947) Malaysian Airways(1963) Malaysian Singapore Airlines(1966) 1972 Flag carrier airline of Singapore Role model for service in Airline industry Subsidiaries One of the Largest airline in the world by market capitalization
with a worth of 14 billion US dollars Premium Airline Introduced electronic ticketing through websites Leaders in Service Introduced automated check-in system on certain flights First to introduce satellite-based inflight telephones in 1991 We were the first
in-seat TVs offered more channels than any airline First to offer free headsets, a choice of meals and free drinks
in Economy Class(1970) First to fly the A380, Boeing 777 and Boeing 747 jumbo jets First to operate the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight
(SIN-LAX & later SIN-EWR in 2004). First to offer audio and video on demand (AVOD) capabilities on
KrisWorld in all classes(2001) SIA has over 20 subsidiaries Wholly owned
subsidiaries Facts & Figures Number of aircraft Number of Employees Passengers per Year Sales Revenue (in US$) Number of scheduled destinations Daily departures Star Alliance Member as of Frequent flyer programme Hubs Aircraft types 106 14,515 18.293 million 9.38 billion 63 180 KrisFlyer Singapore Changi A380-800, B777-300ER, B777-200ER, B777-200, A340-500 and A330-300 Strengths
Threats Type of Factor Favorable Unfavorable Strengths Strong backing by Singapore Govt.
Geographic advantage.
Employee productivity.
Youngest fleet of aircrafts.
Excellent branding. Weakness Increasing International destinations
Increasing focus on subsidiaries Opportunities Threats Foreign currency fluctuation
Rising aviation fuel prices
Low cost carriers Excellent service Int
l Ext
l L


r Competitors Service Profit Chain Youngest fleet of aircraft's with
best in-flight technologies SIA flies to 35 countries
in 5 continents Economy class is affordable however,
Business and First classes
are fairly expensive Singapore Girl,
Book the Cook Service Marketing Mix Place Product Price Promotion Organizational Structure Strategies Dual strategy Selected Routes Singapore girl Subsidiaries Rate of Defection 34 compliments to 1 complaint
per 10,000 passengers Apr-2000 Service Triangle Singapore Airlines Customer Service Is Not A Department
Is An Attitude Customer Loyalty Model Customer Lifetime Value Earn Miles
Redeem Miles Personalized Attention
Air Privileges
Non-Air Privileges Entertainment It is not just the service they excel. They are redefining the aviation business within themselves Extended Marketing Mix Employees Enthusiasm People Process Physical Evidence CRM Airline-related
subsidiaries Partly owned
subsidiaries Handle Customer Complaints Holistic Approach A Chinese couple did not like the food served because they preferred having noodles- from then on every SIA flight had standby instant mix noodles available. Treating customers as human beings, rather than just a sales point When a customer complained about her broken in-flight entertainment, the flight attendants manager proposed a USD70 voucher for in-flight shopping to maintain her satisfaction of SIA’s service There is a Vice President
with responsibility
for complaints Simple and smooth Touch Points
Channels Sales
Force Contact Centers
E mail) Travel
Centers Airports In-Flight Web Kiosk SMS Outbound
Email Mail/
House Multi-Channel Connectivity CRM
Applications Loyalty
Administration Sales
Automation Interaction
Mgt Lost & Found Cabin Service
Reporting Complaints/
Case Mgt Others Campaign
Management Application Integration Core Airline
Systems Operational Customer Database Customer Profiles
Loyalty Activity
Case Mgt Marketing Offers
Prompts & Alerts
Product Info Baggage
Tracing Reservations Departure
Control Data Warehouse Customer Profiles
Transaction History
Contact History
Derived External Info Analytical Models Segmentation
Lifetime Value
Predictive Modeling Reporting & Analysis Operational
Executive Other Data
Sources Reporting and
Analytics CRM Architecture Employees Customers Internal Marketing External Marketing Interactive Marketing Enabling the promise Delivering the promise Setting the promise Social brand
performance Airline Image Brand-self
congruence Trust-worthiness Service quality Perceived value Co-creation of value Country-of-origin FFP attractiveness Social benefits Psychological
benefits Functional benefits Customer
satisfaction Relationship
commitment Customer
loyalty Internal
Quality Employee
Satisfaction Employee
Retention Employee
Productivity External
Value Customer
Satisfaction Customer
Loyalty Profitability Revenue
Growth Workplace design
Job design
Employee selection and development
Employee rewards and recognition
Tools for serving customers Service concept: results for customers Service designed and delivered to meet targeted customers needs Retention
Repeat business
Referral A Compelling Place to Work A Great and Compelling Experience A Compelling Place to Invest A World class experience Airbus Suites through a Website When you provide the best service in the market, expectations are always high. Any small mistake
can bring high amount of negativity to the brand. Business Class Economy Class First Class
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