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Diversity Awareness

No description

Lisa Galit

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Diversity Awareness

Diversity Awareness
Lisa Galit

Diversity includes differences and similarities. It also includes race, ethnicity, gender, expression, financial status, religion, sexual orientation, ability and age.
Differences are important, but should not be allowed to be used to predict a person's values, choices or responses.
A Diversity Issue
work to know your EL students deeply to develop positive relationships
encourage the use of your EL students' home language initially to help them feel comfortable in the classroom
Know your EL students strengths and weaknesses
recognize that EL students not only have to learn new subject matter, but also have to learn it in a new language
Work to close the achievement gap
Embracing Diversity
The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 requires all states to help all limited English proficient (LEP) children, including immigrant children and youth, to achieve at high levels in core academic subjects. This law specifies the goal of EL improving their English language ability
Law Related to MulticulturalEducation

There are many educational benefits of diversity in education such as mutual respect, understanding and empathy for others, but accommodating English language learners is a challenge educators face today is schools.This creates an issue of a language barrier for students whose primary language is not English and not being proficient in English.
Strategies to Promote Diversity
Encourage parental involvement in the students'education
teachers modeling respectful and empathetic behavior
teach the culture of the school and help students maintain their cultural pride and dignity
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