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The Spread of the Plague

No description

Colin Coplen

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of The Spread of the Plague

First started in China, 1330s
Spread to Europe, 1347
Only 5 years to kill 20 million
Plague attacked all in contact
Minorities burned, used as scape goats
No Cure
Outbreaks until 1600s
Effects of Plague
City life collapsed
Church bells rang constantly
Mass graves
Loss of Faith
People Then
People Now
Better Sanitary Practices
Drugs and antibiotics
Indiriectly lead to Protestant Reformation
The Spread of the Plague
European people were warned
Did little to prevent outbreaks
Cities Overcrowded
Santitary Practices caused large outbreaks
English Soldiers carried it to England
In one outbreak, 7 out of 140 monks survived
3 Types of Plague: Bubonic, Pneumonic, Septicemic
Still around today
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