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AVE Athena House Breakfast Meetup 1.11.2014

No description

April Joy Macadangdang

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of AVE Athena House Breakfast Meetup 1.11.2014

AVE Athena House Breakfast Meetup 1.11.2014
Something to think about
The Power of Social Media
AVE Philosophy
1. Foster and cultivate a spirit of critical inquiry in the students. In doing this, the teacher will become more a facilitator and/or collaborator and will use interactive live sessions, discussion based assessments, and discussion boards to encourage active participation and help students connect with the subject matter presented.
AVE Philosophy
2. Differentiate instructional strategies and tailor the curriculum to meet the needs, interests, and strengths of the learners while leading them make personal connections with the subject matter. Teachers will use a variety of instructional and evaluation strategies such as, project and performance based assessments, summative assessments, group and individual discussions, and cooperative group learning/collaborative assignments.
Blackboard Collaborate (Watching Videos Together)
Google+ Hangout
Other modes of communication
Text exchanges with a student
to guide her in completing her
Winter Project
Interactive Sessions
AVE Teachers &
Help Desk/Tutors
3..Encourage personal responsibility and a sense of local and global citizenship.
AVE Philosophy

"When I was a Bata"



WEB 2.0 Tools and Others:

AVE in Social Media:

Final Product
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