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Research and Presentation Project: Video Game Script Writer

Project for careers.

Olivia Williams

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of Research and Presentation Project: Video Game Script Writer

Video Game Script Writer Challenges by Olivia Williams Being allowed to A starting salary of $60,000. More experienced writers can make $150,000 or more. Job Opportunities Visual Novels The Ideal Person Talented in writing (Communication) The ability to think of original plot concepts (Creativity) The ability to pitch ideas (Communication) Good at managing stress (Personal management) Has the ability to meet deadlines (Time management) Originally, games looked something like this. You don't need a script writer for Pacman. But today... Passionate about video games Heavy Rain L.A. Noire Final Fantasy XIII ...There are games that are nothing but story. Which is why writers are needed. The general appearance of the characters, their personalities, motivations, backstories, etc. Job Description Video game script writers are responsible for creating the entire story of the video game, including... The Character Concepts The world where the story of the game takes place. The Setting The Dialogue All character interactions, whether with other main characters or minor ones. Sometimes, you will also be asked to provide input on gameplay or game concepts. "If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."
-Toni Morrison Seeing your story come to life Meeting people with similar interests. Turning your passion into your career. Your work will be seen by many people. Benefits Job Description Taking into account the interactivity of the storyline A Long work week Average work week in Canada (2009): 36 hours Average workweek for script writers: 40 hours, which easily becomes 60-80 hours during game production Being flexible with your story There is no established or even standardized method of writing a script Companies usually have different ways of writing tailored to the kinds of games they want to make. Long scripts Average feature-length movie script: 120 pages
Video game scripts: 300-600 pages alary Range Qualifications As it's a job in the Arts, writing doesn't have strict qualifications. However, most employers look for somebody with at least a bachelor's degree in either English, communications, or journalism. Often they hire people with previous experience in the entertainment industry or screenwriting. Programs Vancouver Film School's Writing Program One year long Instructors are professionals actively working in the film and TV industry Students work with filmmakers, actors, make-up artists, digital designers, 3D animators, sound designers, and business management students on collaborative projects Students leave with a portfolio to show potential employers Gives you a diploma in writing for film and television Description: Requirements: A one-page (maximum) synopsis of a feature film or television project that the student wants to make. Two to four other creative writing samples in their original forms (Maximum of 20 pages in total) An all-inclusive tuition of $20,250 Payment Carleton University's Bachelor of Journalism Program Description: Students earn an Honour's Bachelor of Arts in Journalism 4 years long Students will take required Journalism courses alongside history, another language, and political sciences. Students are taught by people with first-hand experience in news organizations Requirements Must have completed a 4U level English course Must have five additional credits from 4U level courses A 70% average (minimum) Payment One of the best-known programs in Canada $5201.36 tuition for four years, plus miscellaneous charges Ryerson University's Journalism Program Description: Students earn a Bachelor's degree in Journalism Four years long Student's work is used in the weekly campus newsletter The streets of Toronto are used for the student's workshops Requirements A 70% average An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or its equivalent with a minimum of 6 Grade 12 U or M courses A small resume and portfolio of non-creative work Payment An additional $50 fee to apply for the Journalism course $4,983 to $6,707 for four years Skills: The ability to work cohesively in a team towards a goal (Teamwork) Intelligences: Verbal/Linguistic Interpersonal Visual Spatial But most importantly... Originally from Japan, these story-based games are now becoming more popular in North America due to the efforts of indie game developers such as Sakevisual and Winter Wolves. Lemmasoft Forums: The hub of most English visual novel activity, due to inventing a program called Ren'py. Talented writers are often hired on a project-by-project basis here. A research project for Careers Credit where it is due: http://www.gamecareerguide.com/features/367/ask_the_experts_becoming_a_game_.php
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