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Is Steam Cell Reaserch Moral?

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lizzy walls

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Is Steam Cell Reaserch Moral?

"Human beings are not disposable biological material."
-World Religions 2006
Human Reason
Human Reason
Divine Revelation
Each cell we have in our boday is a specialized cell. In an embryonic cell, they aren't specialized, but they do have the potenital to become one. It's like a blank slate. Scientist believe that stem cells can heal all of these horrible things. Adult stem cells can be found in bone marrow and the umbilical cord. Some of the doctors give the option to keep the cord blood, and then they wouldn't have to find some matching blood incase they need it. It doesn't damge human life, but it's harder to engineer adult stem cells.
Most of the arguments that are happening are people saying that people can't create a life just to destroy it. All life is sacred. People that have witnessed the cases of Christopher Reeves and Michael J. Fox think that they are desiring the death of another person, which isn't their intention at all. Facts that people need to take into consideration is that people like Christopher Reeves are in a lot of pain and suffering trying to deal with a disease that can be cured by embryonic stem cells, but also we need to consider is that more importatn than taking the life of another person.
The bible doesn't sy anything about stem cell research. There is a passage that relates to it though, and it is Exodus 20:13 which is also a Commandment. We are basically killing a person when we use embryonic stem cell research. The catholic church strongly opposes the idea of embryonic stem cell research, but when scientist found out they can use adult stem cells and umbilical cord blood the Catholic church supported this. This process doesn't harm the embryo, but also this process isn't as sucessful as the embryonic stem cells since research posibilities are limited due to inability to differentiate cells as easily. They are also harder to engineer.
Friday, November 6, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311 Lizzy Walls
Background Information
Stem Cell Reaserch
Human Experience
Stem cells have amazing potential to develop into many different types of cellsin the body during early life and growth. When a stem cell divides, each new cell can either remain as a stem cell or it can become a different type of cell which can be a muscel cell, a red blood cell, or even a brain cell. Recently scientist have worked with embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. The thing is that embryonic stem cells damages human life, but adult stem cells don't.
One's human experience might change how another person might aproach this issue. Like Chrisopher Reeves had a really terrible injury that embryonic reserach could possibly cure, but a normal person would probably agree with his case or could disagree saying no to killing a human life. Since my mom just had a baby, Duke asked her if she wanted to donate the baby's cord blood to them for stem cell research. She said yes of course, and she though that that was the coolest thing ever. This was what inspired me to do the project on this topic. Now if either of my family mebmbers has something happen to us, we can use the baby's (Wesley's) cord blood to see if it could possibly help us. To the right, is a picture of my mom with the box that Duke sent her. You can see that the baby was clearly excited because that lump on the side of her stomach is his hand!!
Is Stem Cell Reaserch Moral?
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