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Electric Circuits

No description


on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Electric Circuits

What Are
Electric Circuits?

Series Circuit
Drawing Circuits
Second, the circuit has to be complete. If there is a break in the circuit, the current won't flow.
series circuit
has only one path for electric charges to follow.
Electric circuit
- a path along which electric charges can flow

An electric current needs two things to flow. First, it needs a source of current, or electrons.
A switch controls the flow of current by opening and closing the circuit.

This happens whenever we turn lights on or off!
Removing any part of the circuit breaks the circuit, and nothing works.
Parallel Circuit
A circuit with several different paths for the charges to follow is called a
parallel circuit

In a parallel circuit, if one part is turned off or removed, current continues to flow through the rest of the circuit.
This makes a parallel circuit more practical to use than a series circuit.
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