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Copy of Growing a Coaching Mindset

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Laura Hilger

on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Growing a Coaching Mindset

Move from Emerging to Proficient by June, 2015 in understanding and applies a variety of coaching knowledge components including effective communication.
Goal Two:
Effective Facilitation Skills
Area I felt I needed the most growth in as a coach.
Worked with other coaches to build my skill set.
Participated in CDD Facilitation four times this year.
Delivered PD at Stall throughout the year.
Goal Three:
This was an area I felt proficient in at the beginning of the year.
Our NGA Bi-Weekly Meetings were designed to give teachers a voice and develop cohesiveness as a team.
We used this to address common problems among the students.
Goal Five:
Understanding of Readiness Level
Using the PL Rubrics, each of my teachers self-assessed where they thought they were after CDD training.
Using that and the collaborative coaching log, I guided our conversations to meet their needs.
Goal One:
Collaborative Coaching Log
PL Week at a Glance
Ninth Grade Academy Bi-Weekly Meetings: Reflect, Renew, Re-Energize
Ninth Grade Academy Feedback Wall
Ninth Grade Academy Professional Growth Center
Administrator/PL Coach Walkthroughs and Data Collection
Growing a Coaching Mindset
Effective Communication
Variety of Questioning Techniques
Questioning guided by my collaborative coaching log and the PL rubrics.
Goal Four:
Listens with Empathy
Calm and Grounded Presence
Goal Six:
Goal Seven:
Balanced Lifestyle
Mindset Monday
Exercise and Eating Healthy
Good Things and Celebrations
Participate in Collegiality Celebrations
NGA Meetings
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