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Goal Setting

School Counseling Lesson Plan - Grade 7

Jessica Dahmer

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Goal Setting

Let's Set
Goals! What is the
between a dream
& a goal? "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where
they should be. Now put
the foundations under them." Objectives Dreaming. Scheming.
Achieving. Now we know...here we go! - Henry David Thoreau What is a goal?
Differentiate short-term & long-term goals
What inspires our personal goals?
Establish goals of our own! A goal is a dream...with a plan! Rudy (1993) What was Rudy's long-term goal?

What were some of Rudy's short-term

What positive goal-setting behaviors did Rudy demonstrate? Short-term Goal A specific desired outcome and a plan (for specific behaviors) that will lead to the outcome over a short period of time. (Within 6 months) Be S.M.A.R.T. and make sure your goals are: Specific
Timely Write down:
1 SMART goal you would
like to accomplish before the end
of 7th grade.
1 long-term SMART goal you would like to accomplish in your lifetime. Dare to dream. 1. I want my parents to be proud of what I accomplish.
2. I want to save up enough money to buy myself a car
when I turn 16.
3. I want to backpack through a foreign country.
4. I want to graduate from college.
5. I want to write a best-selling novel.
6. I want to go sky-diving.
7. I want to play a varsity sport in high school.
8. I want to own my own business.
9. I want to learn another language.
10. I want to join a rock and roll band. Why do
differ from person to person? VALUES! Vague goal: I will graduate from high school with honors;
SMART Goal: I will graduate from high school in the span of four years. I will develop a regular plan of study to obtain a minimum 3.78 grade-point average in all subject areas. •Unclear goals yield unclear results Specific Vague goal: I will make a lot of money this summer;
SMART Goal: I will have $1000 in my bank account by the first day of school. •"What get's measured, gets managed." Goals
are measurable when another person can determine
you have accomplished your goal. Measurable Vague goal: I will be the CEO of a major corporation when I graduate from high school;
SMART Goal: I will be the CEO of a major corporation after obtaining a business degree, doing internships, gaining experience, and working my way up in the company. •Find a balance between a high and realistic goal. Though
it is alright to have unrealistic goals, it is better to have goals
that provide more motivation. Attainable Vague goal: I will be a rich doctor;
SMART Goal: I will be a doctor that uses my compassion and intelligence to heal and/or comfort the sick and restore lives. •Establish a goal that aligns with your interests/gifts/
purpose in life. Relevant Vague goal: – I will study for my test;
SMART Goal: – I will study for my test every day this week at 4pm for a two-hour time frame Deadlines are neccessary to ward off procrastination. Timely What are values? Personal standards from which we receive the motivation to act as we do and by which we judge behavior (both ours and others)

Personal standards of right and wrong by which we judge behavior (both ours and others)

Unspoken rules supporting a culture or society. Values are very personal. Therefore, it is important to have a good grasp of your own beliefs. 124 seventh grade students at Pleasant Lea Middle School participated in a guidance survey. Results identified family, friendship, education, respect, and honesty as students' top five personal values. Dead Poet's Society (1989) Conclusion What is the difference between a short-term and long-term goal?
What is a SMART goal?
How do values impact goals? What values did this clip demonstrate?

What do you think Professor Keating was trying to teach the students about formulating their own values/beliefs? Long-term Goal A general desired outcome to be met over a relative long period of time. (Achievement requires the successful completion of several related short-term goals)
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