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Summons The App

LawHacks 2015

Nawel Benrabah

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of Summons The App

HOW? The Software
HOW? The App
The SUMMONS App will be free for all users to download (for now) - there may be a fee for legal professionals*
The App submits the hearing request and sends all relevant information to the court registry central "SUMMONS" system.
SUMMONS is targeted at every possible action that can occur after an action has commenced and before it is terminated.
After a hearing is requested, the user will receive a text, email and/or alert informing them of their approximated time window within which their hearing will be heard.
Under construction
: GPS Ping Alerts (traffic), synchronization with mobile device calendar (reminders, sharing, potentially develop into a synchronization with billing platform)
Vancouver: next 4 day Civil Trial date is September 5, 2017!
Kamloops: operates on assize system, booked for week of and counsel is required to be ready to attend trial any day of that week.
LAW21C - think tank :)
We are a team of 3L and 2016 grads from Thompson Rivers University Faculty of Law
We were challenged to "innovate", by creating a solution to remedy one or more of the flaws in the current legal system
This is our winning
The Partners
The Going Rate
One-year calls command an average rate of $218 per hour.
Five-year calls = $267 per hour
10-year calls = $322 per hour
20 years calls averaged $400 per hour
More than 20 years experience charge upward of $500 per hour
Cost of a 2 day trial, averaged $32,000 in 2015 reported "Canadian Lawyer - The going rate"
How legal fees work - Globe and Mail
Lawyers can charge more than their hourly rate if the service was worth more. So if 15 minutes of my sage advice saved a client $500,000 because of my knowledge and experience, I’m entitled to charge more money based on the value that I’ve provided. That’s because the advice was worth more than $100 and saved the client a bundle.

A million better things to do - billing value to the client/help self reps.

Lawyers sell their skills - better managed time = better value based billing

"Time is Money" = for all! lawyers + self reps.
The Solution was inspired by the "fancy" red-light buzzers you'd commonly get at an Olive Garden while waiting to be seated.
We propose to create a mobile application that syncs with a desktop software to alleviate pressures on Court Registries (understaffed & constant budget cuts) - faciliate court attendances for all!

At this stage, we've created a pretty good working template of what we want the application to achieve and how to do it. There will inevitably be various upgrades we will want to implement as we learn more and as we get feedback from the Kamloops pilot program - coming soon!
Provincial and National voluntary enrollment would be our dream! Allowing the digital user to access the system in any jurisdiction!
SUMMONS is a simple solution that has the potential of revitalizing the way Canadians interact with the legal system.
Lawyers & Laymen alike spend countless wasted hours waiting around court registries to have their short interlocutory matters heard.

Example: "5 min" application
The software will activate daily (regular Court Registry Business Hours)
Hearing Requests can be requested from 7:30am-11am and then from 1pm-3pm
The system will sort through requests on a 'first come first served basis
and will schedule the morning and afternoon sessions.
Requests will be accepted on a rolling basis and the system list will be updated "LIVE"
Both the Registry and in-court/chambers Clerk computers will have access to the master schedule list - in order to allow for emergency hearings, breaks, and changes to the presiding Judge/Master. All "LIVE"
The Registrar will have to "confirm" the schedule list every hour to ensure that the system is operating smoothly
Under Construction
: digital filing/file & submissions, e-payment, etc.
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