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Lesson 6 Nutrition

No description

Katie Parker

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Lesson 6 Nutrition

Basic Vitamins

Fat- Souluble
B Complex Vitamins
Water- soluble Vitamins
Function: Prevents hardening of arteries

Sources: yeast, liver meal
Vitamin A
Function: Normal maintenance of the eyes and epithelium tissue

Deficiency Symptoms: Night blindness, staggered walk, poor growth, weight loss, and diarrhea

Sources: provided as a synthetic vitamin or as carotene

Vitamin D
Function: Calcium absorption and phosphorus metabolism in the body

Deficiency Symptoms: Rickets in youth, Osteoporosis in adults

Sources: Sunlight, sun cured forages

Vitamin k
Function: Formation of prothrombin in the blood

Deficiency Symptoms: bleeding syndrome

Sources: Green leafy feeds, fish meal, liver, and soybeans

Function: coenzyme in many metabolic functions

Deficiency Symptoms:loss of hair, cracks in feet, slow growth, dermatitis

Sources: most grains, green forages, soybean meal

Function: structural component of fat and nerve tissue

Deficiency Symptoms: slow growth rate, unthriftiness, fatty livers, poor cordination

Sources: meat scraps, canola meal, fish meal, yeast

Folic Acid
Function: key to normal function of body cells and essential amino acid formation

Deficiency Symptoms: weakness, slow growth, anemia

Sources: green pasture, green leafy alfalfa hay, soybean meal, wheat germ
Function: coenzyme in energy metabolism and is involved in peripheral nerve functioning

Deficiency Symptoms: anorexia, slow growth, weakness, irritably

Sources: cereal grain, bran, green pastures, and milk

Function: promotes growth and function of enzyme systems

Deficiency symptoms: slow growth, poor reproduction, lower milk production

Sources: milk, green leafy hay, green pastures, and grass silage
Pantothenic Acid
Function: energy metabolism and is required in the biosynthesis of fatty

Deficiency symptoms: slow growth, loss of hair, enteritis

Sources: brewer's yeast, cane molasses, dried milk, alfalfa meal
Function: metabolism of amino acid coenzymes, and fatty acids

Deficiency symptoms: anorexia, slow growth, convulsion

Sources: wheat, grain byproducts, alfalfa
Vitamin B
Function: red blood cells maturation

Deficiency symptoms: slow growth, lack of hind leg coordination, reduced litter size

Sources: animal proteins and fermintation products
Function: Growth in microorganisms

Deficiency symptoms: not been observed
Sources: soybean meal, peanut meal, lecithin
Vitamin C
Function: formation of collagen

Deficiency symptoms: not been observed

Sources: citrus pulp, well cured hay, green pastures
Function: cell respiration and release of energy

Deficiency symptoms: poor appetite, slow growth

Sources: feeds with meat and bones
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