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Honesty Assembly <3


T Rasanathan

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Honesty Assembly <3

Do you know what Honesty is? Well we're going to tell you! Honesty means to be truthful in a situation when you could easily lie. onourable
wning up to your mistakes
ot lying
quity to every mankind
how respect
ruth and honor to others
ou will feel good Honesty in school... Honesty on the streets... 8G CHALLENGES YOU TO BE HONEST. BUT NOW YOU CAN... CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? Honesty Pass it on :) <33333333 You are being honest when you ...

-Do your own homework
-Tell a friend the truth
-Explain the real reason you didn't turn in your homework
-Keep your eyes on your own paper
-Clean up your room after making a promise
-Give the cashier the extra money she gave you by mistake
-Write a report in your own words instead of copying
-Admit you made the mistake
-Keep a friend's secret
-Turn in a wallet full of money that you found You may wonder why telling the truth benefits you..

-Telling the truth lets everyone know what really happened.
-There's fewer chances of misunderstandings, confusion, or conflict.
-Telling the truth protects innocent people from being blamed or punished.
-Telling the truth allows everyone to learn from what happened.
-You usually get into less trouble for telling the truth than for lying.
-Other people trust you more when you tell the truth.
-You don't have to tell more lies to keep your story straight.
-You gain a reputation for being truthful - a trait that most people value.
-Telling the truth helps you feel secure and peaceful inside. Pass it on :) <33333 H
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