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No description

Nykolas Andrade

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of ALCOHOL

Emotional Consequences
This drug was made a long time ago. Some scientists/archeologist/historian people think it was even made before bread. The Greeks had it, The Babylonians had it, and Jesus had it. More scientists believe it was the result of an accident but late Stone age beer jugs suggests it was a happy accident. I was used for circumcisions to make the baby drunk. It was also used for mach making and parties. Nowadays it is used for parties and daily used by allot of people.
Social consequences
You do very dumb things that should not be said. You could get arrested and not be able to get certain jobs because of this. You might lose friends. It also takes away from your income. It also takes lots of time from your everyday life.
picture of the way the drug is used
Long Terms
Skin problems are often a long term effect of alcohol. Financial difficulties often become a problem because drinks are expensive. The third is sexual reproductive problems such as infertility or impotence. You also run the risk of certain cancers.
Physiological addiction: your body starts to crave those chemical. It feels like it needs to drink it. your body convinces you that it needs it.

Psychological addiction: It becomes more of a habitual process. you can be psychologically addicted without being physically addicted but not vice versa. :)
Alcohol can be both of these.
Song: Gin and Juice
Artist: Snoop Dogg
The chorus is the part when it talks about this drug
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