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Finding the Volume of Plastic Used in a Plastic Bottle

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Matt Hecker

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Finding the Volume of Plastic Used in a Plastic Bottle

Finding the Volume of Plastic Used in a Plastic Bottle
The Problem
How will we create these statistics?
Sections 1-4 = thin
Sections 5-8 = thick
By finding the volume of PET plastic used in each bottle
To find Volume:
Step 1: Find surface area of bottle
Step 2: Scale graphical SA to actual SA
Step 3: SA * thickness of plastic
Widespread use of disposable plastic water bottles in the US
Plastic bottles are made of PET
1000 years to decompose
14% of bottles recycled in the US
Use non-disposable bottles
Encourage the introduction of legislation to limit the amount of PET consumed
create shocking statistics
Used GeoGebra to fit six functions to a picture of the bottle
A little problem...
Thin Section's SA=194.9495 units^2
Thick Section's SA=15.4174 units^2
Each SA calculated separately to account for different thicknesses later
Scaling the bottle
SA of bottle on GeoGebra≠SA of actual bottle
Found two actual (circular) areas, then averaged to get: 1.800 cm^2/units^2
Thin Section's SA=350.9091 cm^2
Thick Section's SA=27.7513 cm^2
Total Volume
Thin Section's Volume:
(350.9091 cm^2)(.32 mm)=11.2291 cm^3
Thick Section's Volume:
(27.7513 cm^2)(3 mm)=8.3254 cm^3
Total Volume= 19.5545 cm^3
Average American uses 3285.1560 cm^3 of PET per year
US uses about 1 million m^3 PET per year
100 m sided cube
US uses .0331 m^3 PET per second
8.2321 years to fill Elk Lake with the PET used in plastic bottles consumed by Americans
Please be responsible with your bottle usage!
Thank You
3D Model on Winplot
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