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Be Creative

No description

Anna Ward

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Be Creative

by Anna Ward and Pamela Verret creativity around the world Gummy bear song
very creative This was a gift from France
to America, it symbolizes the
freedom of U.S. creative. The
work on the statue began in
the 1870's. It is 151 feet and 1
inch. great wall of china The great wall of China was built by Qin Shihuangdi to protect from invaders and about 3,000,000 people visit each year. Ukrainian Easter eggs are quite interesting.
The proses of making them takes a lot of time.
First you poke a hole in them being careful not
to break the egg. Then you dye the egg your
lightest color coat the area that you want that
color with wax. You keep doing this proses
until you have done your darkest color, you
then take off the wax and you are left with
beautiful Easter eggs. Gummy bears were invented by Hans Riegel
in the 1920's in Germany. The largest gummy
bear is about 5 pounds. The first gummy bear
company was named Hasbro. Statue of liberty idea Ukrainian Easter eggs T.V. T.V. was semi creative. It was cool and
special when it came out in publicly 1940 but now ether people don't watch
it or people sit and just watch it all the time. phones that you text on They are like e-mail just from a different devise. Mail is more exciting you can rip open the package/envelope.
You can work for the postal service you can't work for
the text messages. White boards A.k.a marker board, dry-wipe board, pen board, and dry-erase board. Same thing as a blackboard except with markers. *Gummy bears
*Statue of Liberty
*Great wall of China
*Ukrainian Easter eggs What we thought was uncreative Thanks to our ideas, the internet, wiki, and prezi this presentation was made possible. Good bye & be creative with lots of ideas What we thought
were creative * T.V
* Textting phones
* Dry-erase boards
*Football credits. The video sifthapens
to us means we are needing to be more creative in the U.S. before the world gets too far ahead technology wise. Football Football is a sport that hurts people so much that people break bones need surgery. It originates from varities of football in Britain in the 19th century. Intermisson please watch the video. congratulations
you reached the
end of the prezi.
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