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Things Fall Apart:

No description

maddie king

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Things Fall Apart:

Things Fall Apart:
Character Analysis

Okonkwo: Villain, Victim, Or Tragic Hero?
I have to go with victim as my answer to this question. You can argue any of the three roles given, but I think there are the few arguments that can be made for Okonkwo as a victim. Okonkwo is simply a man that wishes to follow the traditional lifestyle of the tribe, and is a victim to the changes upon the arrival of the Europeans, and some bad luck. I don't think Okonkwo did enough bad things to be considered a villain, and I also don’t think he did much to be considered a hero. He was just a man who got caught in a bad situation at the wrong time. The only thing I can say with confidence about Okonkwo is that I barely felt any sympathy for him while reading this book. Yes, it's sad that he was driven to suicide, but he brought most of his problems, situations, and struggles upon himself in one way or another. Okonkwo was just another average man that was a victim to the misguided attempts of European colonization and lifestyle.
Nwoye is Okonkwo's oldest son who is seen as innocent and sensitive to his surroundings. He is very angry after his father killed his adopted brother. Nwoye converts to Christianity and this is seen as an attempt to get back at his father.
She is Okonkwo's oldest daughter and Ekwifi's only child. She is very close with her mother and is her fathers favorite child. She is coddled by her mother which makes her bolder and more outspoken than the other children. She has confidence that outshines other girls.
Character Traits
-Okonkwo: write you're own thoughts on whether you think he is a villain, victim, or tragic hero then give your thoughts on why in the "Evidence From Reading" box.
-Nwoye: Okonkwo's oldest son, sensitive to his surroundings, and innocent
-Ezinma: Okonwo's oldest daughter and Ekwifi's only child. Bold and outspoken.
Character List
-Okonkwo: Villain, victim, or tragic hero?
-Ezinma: Fathers, sons, and daughters: key relationships in the novel
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