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NEASC 2010

Welcome Reeption for NEASC 2010

Jonathan Reed

on 29 March 2012

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Transcript of NEASC 2010

Sunapee Middle High School
NEASC Visit May 2-5, 2010
Mission Statement
Adoption Process
Staff Engagement
Sunapee Middle-High School is committed to preparing and encouraging all students to be positive, caring and contributing members of society by maintaining high academic, social and civic expectations within a secure environment.
Problem Solve Effectively
Think Critically
Read Effectively
Write Effectively
Speak Well
Sunapee By The Numbers
Be responsible partners in their own education.
Be honest, caring members of society.
Demonstrate Knowledge
and Skill
Be good citizens who demonstrate tolerance, courtesy, and respect for the rights of others.
Issues & Challenges
Stable Community
Time Constrained
Critical Needs
Strengths & Needs
The climate of the school is safe, positive, respectful and supportive which results in a sense of pride and ownership.
A competent, highly-qualified staff that continually uses a variety of instructional methods.
A wide variety of technological options which augment both student learning and instructional practices.
Teachers and administrators provide leadership essential to the improvement of the school
An updated building with well-maintained learning spaces
Student success is regularly acknowledged, celebrated, and displayed
The varied assessments used throughout the school.
Communication through various channels, including the school website, advisory period, principal roundtable meetings, and multiple mailings.
The School Board does an excellent job consistently garnering support for budgets that provide adequate funding for the Sunapee School District.
Curriculum emphasizing depth of content over breadth
Continue to provide time for the evaluation and revision of existing curriculum
Continue to work on K-12 curriculum guides and alignment
Provide annual meeting time for departments to analyze broad-based testing results and use results to improve curriculum.
Provide more opportunities for formalizing teacher self reflection and discussions of instructional strategies.
Create more space for the fine arts department
Continue efforts to use course-specific and school-wide rubrics by all teachers.
Integrate into the curriculum regular times for library/information instruction in order to guarantee that all students acquire information literacy skills.
Collecting Student Work
Measurements of Achievement
Measuring Social & Civic Expectations
PD in a small SAU
Thank You
3,249 = Year Round
7,000 = Summer

6.9% - Sullivan County
7.3% - NH
10.2% - US

3.8% - Sunapee
7.1% - NH

78% of residents commute to work out of town
2 public school facilities
Per pupil expenditure
$16,628 - High School
$21,457 - Middle School

95% Student Attendance Rate
Drop out rate
1.4% - 2008
2.4% - 2009

97% Teacher Attendance Rate
Improvement Planning
Standardized test results need to be analyzed to help improve curriculum
Develop interventions for students who score in the bottom 3rd of NWEA
Powerschool for grading and administrative functions
Core Maps for all courses
Curriculum mapping is in progress
K-12 curriculum alignment is in progress
Transitions - Elementary, Middle, High School
Increase the number of students who demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, and math.
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