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Copy of Cricket Bowling Analysis - FYP

No description

Komal Nadeem

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Cricket Bowling Analysis - FYP

Team Memebers:
Tehreem Ajmal 09-MC-05
Syed Ahsan Masood Zaidi 09-MC-12
Komal Nadeem 09-MC-46 CRICKET BOWLING ANALYSIS "The study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms" What is bio mechanics? What is purpose of Sports Bio mechanics lab? Sports bio mechanics is a quantitative based study and analysis of professional athletes and sports' activities in general. In this sub field of bio mechanics the laws of mechanics are applied in order to gain a greater understanding of athletic performance through mathematical modeling, computer simulation and measurement. Introduction to Cricket Bowling Analysis No expertise in Pakistan
To improve performance of bowlers
Analysis of Bowling and hence removing the risk of injuries
Extension of this project to other playing techniques e.g batting/bowling/fielding Purpose of Cricket Bowling Analysis as Final Year Project No of Techniques
Using Sensors
Image Processing Implementation Strategy Our Preference Image Processing using MATLAB and Fundamentals of Robotics Information of Connected Webcam
Camera specific properties
Video Recording using Matlab
Access Recorded video
Playing Videos
Cropping Videos PROGRESS Online Color detection
Offline color detection Offline Color Detection function []=Color_Detect_R(video,nFrame, R_L,R_U,G_L,G_U,B_L,B_U)
Video =Recorded Video
nFrame=No. Of Frame up to which have to detect Color
R_L,R_U,G_L,G_U,B_L,B_U: Lower and upper limits of color intensities of red, green and blue planes respectively What we are aiming for? How the FYP would look like at the end?
High Speed Cameras
They will record video/using pointers or markers
Parameters we will be measuring e.g speed/arm angle/shoulder angle/ wrist angle
Area/Lab selection in university premises Integration with Bowling Machine Time stamp of multiple cameras
Have done deterministic and have to do probabilistic
Non availability of dedicated Lab Problems we have faced so far Problem Statement The project “Cricket Bowling Analysis” deals with exploration of bowling techniques, their analysis and consequent modifications in order to improve the performance of a bowler. It will be helping in associating the relation between the classical bowling strategies with latest ones and afterwards improving them accordingly. Extract from Tutorials
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