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Travel Blog: Mesopotamia

No description

Arden W

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Travel Blog: Mesopotamia

Travel Blog: Mesopotamia The people of Mesopotamia worshiped many gods, making them polytheistic. Among the gods were Marduk, Dagan and Ishtar. Many people had ceremonies offering food to the gods attop ziggurats, which are giant temples. The people also prayed near giant statues of the gods they symbolized. Many Mesopotamians believed that praying to the gods would please them, and they would give these people good luck.they also didn't belive in after life. they had many gods. The Gods Point of Interest #1 Government: The ancient Mesopotamians created a government that was a combination of monarchy and democracy. Kings ruled the people. Elected offficials who served in the Assembly also ruled the people. Even the kings had to ask the Assembly to do certain things. Government, Rulers, and Laws Writing -The people of Sumer created a form of writing called cuneiform to keep records and write down ideas to pass on to others.
-Cuneiform consisted of hundreds of wedge shaped marks cut into clay with a reed.
- Only boys from wealthy families learned to write. They would train for years to become a scribe (person who kept records). Food Date Palms: Grew by river marshes in southern Mesopotamia and supplied fibers fodder, wood, and rich food.
Barley: Was a valuable grain that could be ground into flower for bread or made into soups. Sailboat Mesopotamia was home to many inventions that shape our lives today. For instance, one of these inventions was the wheel, originally used for pottery but then used for vehicles. It was made of wood, or sometimes clay. The Mesopotamians used this to shape sculptures and pottery through this wheel, but also used it to help the carts and chariots move. It has been passed down from civilizations. Many variations have been made, including the steering wheel, which is now used in cars. The Wheel They used the sailboat to pass the Euphrates River and the Tigris River. People used sailboats for fishing. gods ride sailboats. The sailboat was the most important invention. Bread: Was for the rich it was also unleavened. Meat: the meat came from cows and it was very expensive. Mesopotamian Homes The rich lived in larger homes,and the poor lived in smaller homes. But nobody lived in huts.
Larger homes were wide as well as high,but nearly all homes were three stories high. Homes were clustered around Ziggurat and eachother. Most houses also shared walls like town houses today. http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/kids/people-places-kids/iraq-mesopotamia-kids/ Flax was an important crop used to make other foods. Dates were found in trees all over Mesopotamia.
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