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first metacarpal bone

No description

Nuengruthai Jawana

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of first metacarpal bone

First metacarpal bone Physical
property Organic 1/3 Inorganic 2/3 Bone structure Compact Spongy Ossification Intracatilaginous Appendicular
skeleton Hand Upper extremity Long Shape Contact Upper Trapezium Carpometacarpal joint Lower First proximal phalanges Bone Joint First metacarpophalangeal joint Bone Joint Anatomy
Radiologycal Technology
Mahidol University
Bangkok Thailand 10700 create by..

Miss Nuengruthai Jawana
student ID : 5307070 MTRT/B
No.62 year 3
Radiological Technology
Bangkok Thailand 10700

E-mail :
nuengruthai.jaw@student.mahidol.ac.th thank you
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