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No description

Austin Pestka

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of cars

By Austin Pestka
Cars are made all around the world.They are made in a lot of different ways. Here is a picture of a car made in Brazil!
The first cars are nothing like what we use today. They didn't have shades or fancy tires.Now we have amazing cars like a especially this one!!!
There are 101 different types of tires and more than 1000 different types of cars in the world.
The hottest selling car for 2015 is the Ford F-series. It has 3 cabs (regular, super, and crew) It is lighter and more fuel efficient.
The most expensive car is the Ferrari 250 GTO. It costs 52 million dollars.That is a lot of money!
The biggest car brand in the world is the Toyota Motors. They sell more then 12 million cars per year.
The most used car in the world is the Toyota Corolla. It is white and was made in 1996. At the time it was the smallest car Toyota has sold.
There are diffrent kinds of cars. Some are better then other and have there own features.

compact car
muscle cars
sport car
and more!
Minivans have sliding doors.They have a lot of storage. They are great for families. A Minivan fits 8 people.
Trucks can carry anything you want so you can take it were you want. They are large and powerful. Trucks are similar to a automobile.

Compact cars are like normal city cars.They are like small family cars. They are budget-friendly cars.
some SUVs have the ability to have towing captivity. There also able to hold more then a compact car.
Muscle cars
muscle cars are fast and very loud. You can also modify them.They were originated in America.
sport cars
sport cars are fast cars that look sporty.You can modify them like muscle cars.
super cars
super cars are also known for exotic cars .super cars are very expensive and are high-performance.
Now you know that cars help us out in many different ways.They fill are imagination with amazing ideas to do with them.Without them we wouldn't have a lot of things we have today.
pickup Trucks
The first factory-pickup Truck was the Ford Model T car.It was made in 1925 and was sold for $281 dollars.

Indy. 500
The Indy. 500 is a raceway where cars race for 500 miles. If you win first place it is a great honer.
Thank You!
Thank you for watching my presentation.To learn more about cars go to these links:
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