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In-Vitro Meat: Key Innovation or Perversion?

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Helena Lindemann

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of In-Vitro Meat: Key Innovation or Perversion?

In-vitro meat
To create edible meat through stem cell cultivation
-> Test tube or petri dish
-> Outside of a living organism

Synthetic foods
Cultivation process
Current state of research -> Projects and investors
Current state of research?
What impact could in-vitro meat make?
The first in-vitro beef burger patty
In-Vitro Meat: Key Innovation or Perversion?

- Produced by advanced technological methods
- Goal: Mimicry of natural products

3D Printing
Used to print leather and meat
NASA "Space food"
Food Imitation
Mimic the natural products, however do not include the natural ingredients
Examples include:
Crab meat

Vegan Analogue Products
Also mimic the natural product, but are not sold as "the real thing"
Synthetic food production
"food chemistry"
Survey: Would you eat in-vitro meat?
Usually frozen, refrigerated, or ambient foods
How is in-vitro meat made?
Step 1:
Extract muscle cells from animal via biopsy

Step 2:
Isolate Myosatellite Cells*
* Responsible for muscle regeneration
Step 3:
Add growth medium supplemented with fetal calf serum

Step 4:
Provide „Anchor points“ for the cells
Step 5:
Scaffolding - promoted muscle growth through stimulation (e.g. electricity)
Outlook: the potential future of in-vitro meat
Prof. Dr. Mark Post at UvM:
3D cultivation in a bioreactor
Cultivate more complex meat structures (e.g. T-Bone Steak)
Sell stem cells via internet and home cultivation
5. PK Abitur Presentation by Helena Lindemann

Subjects: Chemistry and Biology
Teachers: Kerstin Nadolph and William Laverty

Key Innovation?

Arguments that speak for in-vitro meat
Animal Welfare
Tons of meat could be produced through a single biopsy
Health Benefits
Ingredients traceable
- No Antibiotics, Hormones, Steroids
- Healthy ingredients like Omega 3 fatty acids
Disease prevention (swine flu, cardiovascular diseases)
Reduction in greenhouse gases
Reduction in land needed
-> Less related issues

The situation now...
99% less land required
96% less water consumed
96% fewer greenhouse gases emitted
45% less energy needed
source: http://modernmeadow.com/about/opportunity/
Arguments that speak against in-vitro meat
"Yuck factor"
Animals still suffer
Fetal calf serum is used as a growth and proliferation medium
Non-Vegetarian / Non-Vegan
Can meat as an important cultural element really be replaced?
How far will we go...?
...Key innovation
or perversion?

No more animal cruelty
Economic: Reformation of the entire meat industry
Interview with Prof.Dr. von Witzke; Professor for Agricultural Economy at the Humboldt University in Berlin
- Worldwide food security is an important topic
- Malnutrition is problem found primarily in developing countries
- Compare to: using more efficient farming technologies
10,000,000,000 farm animals die every year in the U.S. alone for meat, dairy and egg production
source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/in+vitro
Long-term food security
One stem cell could produce 10 000 kg of meat
Resources could not run out
In-vitro meat burger = not a 'real' product, more a proof of concept
Prof. of Vascular Physiology and Tissue Engineering Mark Post (UvM) and team
Tasting and press demonstration August 2013

A clash of opinions
Source quote 1: http://aphilosophersblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/13/6-reasons-why-you-should-not-support-in-vitro-meat/
Source quote 2: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/jan/22/cultured-meat-environment-diet-nutrition
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