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ECOP Initiatives

No description

Tracy Miller

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of ECOP Initiatives

ECOP Initiatives Preconception, Prenatal, and Early Childhood Health Care Systems Early Care &
Education Child and Adult Care Food Program Healthier Meals Initiative Breastfeeding Supportive Practices in Child Care Physical Activity in Child Care Baby Friendly Hospitals ECOP Professional Development Support dissemination of revised GDM guidelines ECOP Systems Change ECOP in WIC Local Public Health MCH Consistent ECOP
Messaging Public Health Community-wide consistent ECOP messaging (Weld, El Paso, Mesa, Jeffco)
Increasing access to healthy foods (Jeffco, El Paso, Weld)
Increasing community opportunities for physical activity, nutrition education, and social support (Weld)
Nursing accommodations and healthy
living in the workplace (Mesa, Weld, Alamosa
ECOP in early care and education
settings (Boulder, Weld, Mesa, El Paso, Pueblo, Jeffco) Consistent ECOP approaches and messaging in public health programs & health care settings

Sharing successes and challenges of systems changes through collaborative learning and events Obesity Integration Strategy
Jennifer Dellaport,Team Lead Higher nutrition standards for CACFP meals
Culinary workshops for child care providers
Scan of food access, equipment, and health inspections barriers and solutions
Menus and recipes tool kit
Online and in-person healthier meals trainings Identifying and evaluating model breastfeeding
standards in child care
Creating Colorado breastfeeding standards for child care
Supporting child care providers in implementing practices I am Moving, I am Learning train the trainer
Delivery of child care provider trainings
Partnership with Qualistar/HCCC and UC Denver
Grant application submitted by Qualistar 2012-2015
Activities Wellness Champion
System WIC Staff Wellness Build ECOP Staff
Competencies &
Tools Build State and Local
Partnerships for
Consistent Messaging
& Referrals Improve Participant
ECOP Resources
& Delivery Guide & Monitor
Local Agency
ECOP Activities Professional development needs assessment
Repackaging childhood obesity guidelines to include prenatal and preconception
Rapid improvement activities
Motivational interviewing ECOP Inventory Mapping TBD MCH & OIP Strategy MCH & OIP Strategy
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