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I01 Unit 1 H.E.R.

No description

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of I01 Unit 1 H.E.R.

Who repairs things in your home? What works well in your bedroom right now? What doesn't work well? How could you reorganize your room? 1. What does the color wheel do? 2. Who uses the color wheel? 3. What are the primary colors? 4. How can you use them? 5. What are the warm colors? 6. What is their effect on the viewer? 7. What are the cool colors? 8. What is their effect on the viewer? The pirates hid the treasure. The treasure is hidden. The toaster burned the toast. The toast is burnt. Is there anything in your house that is broken or not working properly? How can you fix it? Which statement is true in number 1? What's the best ending for the first conversation? You can't eat food in the classroom. You mustn't eat food in the classroom. You aren't allowed to use your cell phone in the classroom. You aren't supposed to use your cell phone in the classroom. Smoking is not permitted in the classroom. There is no smoking in the classroom.
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