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"Jeff The Killer"

No description

Joshua Kroll

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of "Jeff The Killer"

"Jeff The Killer"
The Plot Ending
In conclusion "Jeff the Killer" was a story posted on CreepyPasta.com which had the intent to scare people. We recommend this story for anyone who wants to read anything for a good scare *PS. you wont sleep for a week.*
The short story "Jeff the Killer" focuses on a character named Jeff. The author of the story was never stated, the story might have been written like this to seem more anonymous and creepy. The story takes place in a new town that Jeff's family moves to early in the story. The story uses lots of suspense and horror to keep the reader interested.
The Plot Build-Up
At the start of the story Jeff moves to a new town where he accidentally met a group of thugs. Him and his brother Liu fight them, and win, but because of this Liu was put into jail. Later the gang comes back and puts Jeff in the hospital. This time there was witnesses and Liu was then proved not guilty.
Later, Jeff wakes up the hospital.
In his recovery he sees his own face and is overjoyed with his new look. His last encounter with the gang left him burned and bleached, so he now has pale white skin and burnt black hair as well as burnt red lips. When he gets home from the hospital he cannot be found.
Jeff's mom looks in the bathroom and sees Jeff with his mouth cut and his eyelids burnt off. Jeff's Mom is horrified and runs to her bedroom and tells Jeff's dad to get a gun, but she was interrupted by Jeff.
Jeff had overheard and quickly stops them by killing his parents and then Liu.

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