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"Greenwash" or Ecofriendly Products?

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Ayman Abou-Merhi

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of "Greenwash" or Ecofriendly Products?

By Ayman Abou-merhi "Greenwash" or Ecofriendly Products I didn't find anything about those companies on "corpwatch" or "sinsofgreenwashing" websites. but I found something interesting which is the sins of green washing Products Vim Ultra Palmolive is another product my mom uses in the kitchen to wash and clean dishes. I wouldn't use it because it has harmful chemicals. Ultra Palmolive Johnson's Baby Cream I found this product at my brother's house, he buys this products for his daughter. I wouldn't buy this product because it is harmful and it contains BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE, CETEARETH 6, MINERAL OIL which are all harmful according to the Cosmetic Safety Database. Sins of Greenwashing 1. Sin of the Hidden Trade off
2. Sin of No Proof
3. Sin of Vagueness
4. Sin of Fibbing
5. Sin of Irrelevance
6. Sin of Lesser of Two Evils
7. Sin of Worshiping False Labels (sinsofgreenwashing.org) Vim first launched in Canada in 1980 and introduced Vim Cream, an innovative alternative to scouring powders and relatively ineffective liquid cleaners. The brand focused on tough cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom. Vim is Owned by UNILEVER (conglomeration chart)
For the consumers that means that the parent company makes other products under different company names and that doesn't make it green or natural. So the consumer should always be careful when buying products. Unilever values and ethics include:
Improving health & well-being, reducing Environmental Impact and Enhancing livelihood.

I think Unilever doesn't respect those values and ethics because their products are harmful and not 100% green, natural or ecofriendly. They are Selfish Green, greening themselves for selfish reasons. For example Vim logo says it's ecofriendly and not harmful
while the truth is that
their products contain chemicals and they're very harmful for the human beings and the animals. What about the animals? The animal rights ethics states that only humans have control and it's their responsibility. Vim contains chemicals which may cause some animals to die. Their cleaning products contain petroleum based chemicals. (Ecocentrism)

Are they sinners of "greenwashing"?
Yes, I believe they are sinners of "greenwashing". They are sinners of vagueness for committing every claim that is so poorly defined or broad that its real meaning is likely to be misunderstood by the consumer. They are also sinners of the hidden trade-off for suggesting a product is 'green' based on a unreasonably narrow set of attributes without attention to other important environmental issues.
Also in Lousy Label, they talked about companies aren't required to list ingredients for cleaning products on the back, Unilever has decided not to post them — or reveal them even when asked. "Unilever does not disclose specified ingredients information. However, if it's a medical necessity for this information, Unilever would be more than happy to work with your physician," a customer service agent said when Marketplace called them. How can you be an ethical consumer? You can check third party approved green products by looking for them at the logo like: FSC, ENERGY STAR, GREEN SEAL CERTIFIED, USDA ORGANIC, ECOLOGO (Environmental Choice).
You can also check the ingredients also avoid (tar, diethanolamine,formaldehyde,parabens,phenylendediamine, phthalates, etc...)

Buy trusted products like: Tom's of Main, Method, Seventh Generation, Green Beaver My mother uses this product in the kitchen to wash and clean the dishes. I wouldn't buy and use this product because it contains harmful chemicals and it is bad for our skin and for the animals.
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