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Trans-Atlantic University of Sao Paulo and Amsterdam

Jacob Jakob

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of S.P.A.M.-LAB

The Atlas "Mnemosyne"
of Aby Warburg
in the 1920th.
(Mnemosyne: The personification of
memory in Greek mythology) The "Atlas Group".
A project established in 1999 to research and document the contemporary history of Lebanon:
"The Atlas Group
Archive" Georges Didi-Huberman:
"Atlas. How to Carry the World on One's Back"
Exhibition - Project - Catalogue Aesthetic Experience
Experience in Arts
Intellectual Experience in Theory Politics of Aesthetics
Aesthetics of Politics Scapes:
Theater Institutions
Discourses Theory What is an Atlas?
And what does the Atlas want? Aesthetic Experience
Experience in Arts
Intellectual Experience Texts, Authors, Discourses

Dewey, John: “Having an Experience”, in: John Dewey: Art as experience. New York 1980, p. 36-59.

Gadamer, Hans-Georg: “The concept of experience (Erfahrung) and the essence of the hermeneutic experience”, in: Truth and Method. New York 2004. 341-355.

Gumbrecht, Hans-Ulrich: Production of Presence. What Meaning cannot convey. Stanford University Press 2004, p. XIII-XVII, 21-49.

Shusterman, Richard: “Placing Pragmatism” in: Living Beauty, Rethinking Art. Oxford 1992, p. 3-33.
Theater Institutions

Authors, Texts, Discourses

Appadurai, Arjun: “Here and Now”, in idem: Modernity at Large. Cultural Dimensions of Globalization. Minneapolis, London, 2005 (7th printing), p. 1-23.

Belting, Hans: “Contemporary Global Art. Critical Estimate”, in: Hans Belting and Andrea Buddensieg (eds.): The Global Art World, Audiences, Markets, and Museums. Hatzje Cantz 2009, p.38-73.

Nancy, Jean-Luc: The Creation of the World or Globalization. Albany: SUNY Press, 2007. (Chapter will be indicated)

Schlingensief, Christoph: Art without Borders. Ed. by Tara Forrest and Anna Teresa Scheer, London, New York: The Intellect 2010.

Sloterdijk, Peter: Im Weltinnenraum des Kapitals. Für eine philosophische Theorie der Globalisierung, Frankfurt am Main 2005, p. 11-29. und: p. 243-300.
Spanish version of one chapter: http://www.cccb.org/rcs_gene/petersloterdijk.pdf
Rocca, Adolfo Vásques: „Sloterdijk en el imaginario de la globalisación. Mundo sincrónico y conciertos de transferencia”, in: Nómadas. Revista Crítica de Sciencias Sociales y Jurídicas. 24 (2009, 4). See also: http://www.ucm.es/info/nomadas/24/avrocca2.pdf Politics of Aesthetics
Aesthetics of Politics

Authors, Texts, Disourses:

Nancy, Jean-Luc: Being Singular Plural. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2000. (Chapter will be indicated)

Mitchell, W.T.J.: “Vital Signs/ Cloning Terror”, in idem: What do pictures want? Chicago 2005, p. 5-28.

Rancière, Jacques: The politics. London, New York 2004

Röttger, Kati & Jackob, Alexander: “Who owns the images? Image Politics and Media Criticism in Theatre: A separation of powers”, in: Image & Narrative, September 2007. Theory
Authors, Texts, Discourses

Arendt, Hannah: The Human Condition, University Press, Chicago 1958. (precise chapter will be indicated)

Heidegger, Martin: “The Age of the World Picture”, in idem: The Question Concerning Technology, New York et al. 1977, p. 115-154.

Heidegger, Martin: “The Origin of the Work of Art”, in: David Farell Krell: Basiv Writings, 1st Harper Perennial Modern Thought Edition New York. Harper Collins 2008, p.143-212.

Heidegger, Martin: “The Question concerning technology”, in: The Question Concerning Technology and Other Essays. New York et. al. 1977, p. 3-35. Interaction between the different scopes, discourses by:

Artistic Research
Performance Theory
etc. Interaction between the different scopes, discourses by:

Artistic Research
Performance Theory
etc. Relations, Tensions, Ruptures between
Pictures - Images - Texts
Trans-"Atlantic" University of Sao Paulo
and Amsterdam S.P.A.M. Videos / Performances Titanic or the bad infinity? William Kentridge: "100 Notes - 100 Thoughts No. 009: William Kentridge & Peter Galison: The Refusal of Time." Pictures Images Texts
Students S.P.A.M.
Section Sao Paulo La Fura dels Baus
Olympic Games 1992 dOCUMENTA (13) Walid Raad: "Secrets of the deep blue Sea" Dokumenta 2002 Postdramatic Theatre Performances Programmatic Aspects
The Politics of Aesthetic Experience in Contemporary European Performances Short (preliminary) programmatic overview Short (preliminary) programmatic overview
The Politics of Aesthetic Experience in Contemporary European Performances
Workshop USP 6. 8. - 17. 8. 2012, by Kati Röttger and Alexander Jackob (University of Amsterdam)

Monday, 6.8.
Introduction and outline of the course: create a (virtual) interactive (future) university: S.P.A.M

Presentation of key terms, methodologies and topics
Our Subject: Researching the cultural and scientific relations between:

Postdramatic Worlds
Olympic Games

Critical Iconology
Text-Image-Picture Relations (Tom Mitchell)

Politics of Aesthetics / Aesthetics of Politics

Aesthetic Experience (in Arts and Theory)
Gadamer, Gumbrecht, Dewey, Shusterman

Aesthetic Research
Performance Theory

Tuesday, 7 August
1. Atlas. Image-Text-Picture. Example: Walid Raad
2. Student’s presentations of research (pictures, scapes, texts …)

Wednesday, 8 August
1. W.J.T. Mitchell: Vital Signs, Cloning Terror
2. Discussion of Student’s pictures with Mitchell.

Thursday, 9 August
Politics of Aesthetics I
Ranciere, Röttger, Jelinek’s Babel
Schlingensief: Ausländer

Friday, 10 August
Aesthetic Experience
Gumbrecht and Gadamer: Materiality and the experience of presence.
Examples: Abramovic: The Artist is Present,
Alvis Hermanis: Ruf der Wildnis

Monday, 13 August
Politics of Aesthetics II
Time and Space
Jean Luc Nancy: Mondialisation or Globalization?
William Kentridge. The experience of Space
Opera as an experiment: Chrisoph Schlingensief’s “Operndorf”

Tuesday, 13 August
Aestehtic Experience II

Dewey: "Having an experience" between mind and senses.
Example: Chris Verhoeven: "Dark Room"

Wednesday, 14 August
Performances between Arts and Knowledge: Artistic Research?
Carolyn Christov-Bakariev
Martin Heidegger: "The Question concerning Technology"

Thursday, 15 August

Friday, 16 August
Round up Entrances Programmatic Aspects
The Politics of Aesthetic Experience in Contemporary European Performances
PDF-Version Links Workshop JuPedreira MIGUEL MURÚA LAMAS Leonel Carneiro Estas imagens foram obtidas a partir do espetáculo The Four Seasons Restaurant do encenador Romeo Castellucci (o nome do grupo é Societàs Raffaello Sanzio) Além deste espetáculo pretendo observar no Bom Retiro (teatro da Vertigem) a possibiliade da criação de sentidos ocorrer de forma dilatada no tempo. Bibliografia Fundamental (no momento) DEWEY, John. Arte como experiência. São Paulo: Martins Fontes, 2010.
FREUD, Sigmund. O mal estar na civilização, novas conferências introdutórias à psicanálise e outros textos - tradução Paulo César de Souza. São Paulo: Cia. das Letras, 2010.
______. Escritos sobre a psicologia do inconsciente. V.II. Rio de Janeiro: Imago, 2006.
MUNSTERBERG, Hugo. The Film: A Psychological Study. New York: Dover Publications, 2004. Humberto Issao Aby Cohen 1 Babel Tower
Scenofest 2007 Following the experience of SCENOFEST 2007 and the spirit of the Babel Tower, the main icon of this event, a kind of Atlas reuniting designer projects as performance created and performed by students from all around the world, also the success of the Scenofest 2011. The next SCENOFEST will take place in Cardiff, Walles, UK, from 5th to 15th Sept 2013

WSD2013│SCENOFEST 2013 will take place in Cardiff, Wales, UK, at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama but includes city wide activity. It will offer a festival of Scenography featuring lectures, workshops and performances designed for professionals, emerging artists and student attendees. Workshops will normally be one day or one half day, with the exception of those creating performances or installations.
Application for participation and the Event timetable will be on the site from Sept 2012 http://www.wsd2013.org WSD 2013 Scenofest Workshop and Presentations Subject Areas
Technology & Technical theatre
Digital projection
History & Theory
The Craft & Technology of Design
Initial Workshop application will be open from Jan 2013

Performance as Design / Design as Performance
A programme of live performance and Installation presented during the 10 days of World Stage Design, across traditional performance venues, the sustainable venue and site specific performance venues.
The performance programme will be created to combine work that has been developed to explore the visual language of performance. In this context is performance that is not dependent on text or language in its understanding.

Performance available through application
This performance programme welcomes both the work of professional and student submissions that place the role of design at the centre of performance Throughout WSD2013 their will be a programme of performances
Submissions of interest from September 2012

WSD 2013 Exhibition
The Exhibition will take as a theme the diversity of design and the challenge of capturing and recording design. It is expected that along with the traditional displays of Model, photograph, costume, and drawings, that WSD has always offered we will create the potential for exhibitors proposing new presentation techniques. We will offer and encourage designers to explore a breadth of possible presentation modes. The very nature of exhibiting any performance practice will need to be explored. The final curated exhibition in Cardiff will feature the work of over a 100 international performance designers. (All entries will feature in a digital exhibition gallery and catalogue).

WSD 2013
World Stage Design is created by OISTAT to offer a smaller complimentary celebration of performance design to the Prague Quadrennial. The Exhibition and program of activity in the Scenofest has been inspired by the joy so many of us have had visiting Prague for PQ. WSD is hosted in different countries and hemispheres every four years, allowing visitors to gain an insight into cultural and creative performance practice around the globe. Maritza Eidglass Artur Memeplex Much of the study of memes focuses on groups of memes called meme complexes, or "memeplexes." Like the gene complexes found in biology, memeplexes are groups of memes that are often found present in the same individual. Applying the theory of Universal Darwinism, memeplexes group together because memes will copy themselves more successfully when they are "teamed up". Examples include sets of memes like singing and guitar playing, or the Christmas tree and Christmas dinner.

Unlike gene complexes, memeplexes do not have to benefit the genes in order to replicate. A memeplex including sexual abstinence is genetically harmful, but the memeplex itself is still able to replicate through means of cultural or horizontal transmission. [1] Memes and memeplexes do not have to be true to replicate, although the feeling of something being true or truthiness is beneficial to a meme's replication.[citation needed]

Philosopher Daniel C. Dennett, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and consciousness researcher Susan Blackmore (author of The Meme Machine) are proponents of memetics. [2] [3] W.J.T.Mitchell
"What do pictures want?"
"O que as imagens querem?" O que falta nas imagens que precisam ser preenchidas? Consciência Dupla Quem deseja as imagens? Scenofest é um festival do Design da Performance que reúne profissionais e estudantes do mundo inteiro ao intercâmbio de ações, reflexão e debate relativas ao design da cena, durante 10 dias e a construirem juntos um espaço vivo em um convivio produtivo. Uma espécie de Atlas ao vivo. Aby Cohen 2 Life and Death of Marina Abramovic Manchester Theatre Festival
jul 2011 Beth Néspoli Adriana http://www.gustavogermano.com/ Stela Fischer
http://ciamagnamater.wordpress.com SCHIAPARELLI Dropzone S.P.A.M.
Entrance / Information
to the scopes Atlas Zone S.P.A.M.-LAB Scope of Theory
Reading Rooms
Archives Garbage-Zone
Rubbish Dump
Black Market Languages
Communication S.P.A.M.-Center
Mondialisation Symposia
Worshops Free-Market
Discussion Board Forum of Sciences
Members Expositions
Theater Connections to
other worlds
Blackboard Proposta de organização do Prezi
Leonel - Humberto - Miguel e Maritza http://prezi.com/qoxc5orkmj8b/present/?auth_key=qsccp95&follow=cp5bwblqmn4d
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