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Grant's Hero Journey ALBD

No description

Tyler Paul

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Grant's Hero Journey ALBD

"Tante Lou, Miss Emma, Jefferson is dead. It is only a matter of weeks, maybe a couple of months- but he's already dead. The past twenty-one years, we've done all we could for Jefferson. He's dead now. And I can't raise the dead. All I can do is try to keep the others from ending up like this- but he's gone from us. There's nothing I can do anymore."

Grant does not believe Jefferson can be saved, turned into a man, because technically he is already dead.
A Lesson Before Dying Hero's Journey
Tyler Paul, Kaitlyn Tracey, Sean Lawrence, Dayja Page
Normal World
Before the trial, the jail, before Jefferson, Grant was at home in a more normal, slow moving environment.

Page 63: His aunt wanted all the best for him " But she told me that I would not be one of the others , that I would learn as much as he would teach me, then I would go away and learn from someone else."

Page 65: Grants old teacher did not share her views "Well, it's too late. Forget it. Just go on and be the nigger you were born to be, but forget about life." Grant broke the norm and furthered his education and went to college
Pg 83
" "I'm go'n show you how an old hog eat", he said. He knelt down on the floor and put his head inside the bag and started eating, without using his hands. He even sounded like a hog."
Call to Adventure
Grant's call to adventure is when Miss Emma and Tante Lou approached him and tell him he is going to the jail to convince Jefferson he is a man before he dies.
Refusal to Call
The Mentors
Outside World
Grant gets taken outside of his normal world when he visits the jail for the first time without Miss Emma and gets Jefferson to talk.
""I don't want them to kill no hog," she said. "I want a man to go to that chair, on his own two feet.""
-Page 13
Trials: Meeting Enemies and Allies
"Now both she and my aunt looked at me as though I was supposed to figure out the rest of it. We stared at one another a few seconds before wgat they expected began to dawn on me."
-Page 13
Pages 191-193
"Do you know what a hero is Jefferson? A hero is someone who does something for other people... Those out there are no better than we are Jefferson. They are worse... I need you. I need you much more than you could ever need me... We need you. Me, you godmother, the children, and all the rest..."
"Will you eat some of the gumbo? Just a little bit? One spoonful? He made a slight nod. I smiled at him"

Pg 195
"Jefferson and i were communicating, and he and his nannan were also talking. I was feeling very good, and I wanted to tell her before I told it to anyone else. How he and I had gone back to the table, how we had eaten the gumbo though it was cold, and how is nannan was so proud."
Return to Ordinary World
Grant's mentors throughout his journey were Miss Emma and Vivian.
Return With Elixir
" I want you to chop away at the myth by standing. I want you-yes, you to call them liars. I want you to show them that you are as much a man- more a man than they can ever be.
-pg. 192
Grant faces one large test throughout this novel; to fix Jefferson.

“You think you the only one ever felt this way? You think I never felt this way? You think she never felt this way? Every last one of them back there one time in they life wanted to give up. She want to give up now. You know that?”
There are many enemies Grant faces including Reverend Ambrose. Another enemy present throughout the book is Tante Lou.

“You think you the only one ever felt this way? You think I never felt this way? You think she never felt this way? Every last one of them back there one time in they life wanted to give up. She want to give up now. You know that?”
The three allies Grant has during the book are Vivian, Miss Emma, and Jefferson.

Grant's return to the ordinary world is when he finally convinces Jefferson he is a man and he can stop visiting him at the jail.
(Jefferson's Diary)

" i kno i care for nanan but i dont kno if love is care cause cuttin wood and haulin water and things like that i dont know if thats love or jus work to do an you say thats love but you say you kno i got mo an jus that to say an when i lay ther at nite and cant sleep i try an think what you mean i got mo cause i aint done this much thinkin and this much writin in all my life befor "
Pg 229
Pg 234
"good by mr wigin tell them im strong tell them im a man good by mr wigin im gon ax paul if he can bring you this"
The whole last chapter contributes to the return with elixir. While in school the children are asked to wait in silence, heads down, until Grant knows what Jefferson has been killed. When that is over with, Paul comes to visit and Grant takes him on a tour of the quarter, bringing him back to his "normal world" once and for all.

""They want me to visit him."
"That would be nice, Grant."
-Page 31
""I want you to go up there," Vivian said..."If they say yes, I want you to go for me." "For you?" "For us, Grant."
-Page 32
""Jefferson," I said. He didn't look up."
-Page 82
"After a while he raised his head, but he didn't look at me; he lookes at the barred window..."You hungry?" I asked. "You brought some corn?" he said.
-Page 82
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