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ALIBABA Business Analysis

No description

roy park

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of ALIBABA Business Analysis

ALIBABA Marketing Analysis
Product position
They provide an efficient trusted platform connecting small and medium sized buyer and suppliers from around the world.

Site appealing
clear information
social media
lowest price

Introduction of the site
Product and position
Customer service
Social media
B2B vs. B2C
Product Banding
the color for the logo
all network platform

Customer Service Contact
Customer service integrated in toolbar at the top
Options: Safety & Security Center, Suggestions, Contact us, Submit a complaint, Report IPR Infringement
edit your membership accounts, every single order, link to a direct complaint or questions about your delivery status, contact supplier

B2B vs. B2C
Alibaba currently is running both B2B and B2C e-business.
Need to be changed
Reduce the complicated menu on the web page
Roy Park
Marketing strategy is different for the B2B vs. B2C.
This company is clearly distinguished menu for both sides of the businesses well on the internet.
For B2B, Be a Verified Member, More Buyer Trust, Higher Search Ranking.
Show Customer feedback on the product
Enlarge the product’s picture
Involve to help customer’s problem
For B2C, Our Sourcing Services, AliSourcePro, Supplier Assessment, Escrow Service.

ex) Products, Suppliers and Buyers.
Clothes, grocery and 3c technology product...

Join free membership
Trading platform

Product / Service
Customer Service Contact
Difficult the contact the customer service
ANNA, which is a Livechat Service for problems with the website
They don’t have a hotline or a possibility to call direct customer service
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube site

Direct links to the app store for Adroid and IOS

Offer tips, event news and press releases about their company
Social Media cont.
Under the fold and not very easy to find.
Usage of SM not that effective for B2B Company, because they usually take more time in their decision making.
Facebook and Twitter: None special offers or discounts.
Social Media cont.
Youtube Channel provides informational videos about their website and Customer Success Story to promote their business success
Liz Li
Ting Chieh Wang
Benjamin Pluth
Professor: Erin Johansen
The world's largest B2B marketplace for global trade.
More than 79 million registered users from over 240 countries.

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