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SAT Registration 2.0

No description

Yazmin Hernandez

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of SAT Registration 2.0

SAT Registration
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
1- You first want to go to www.collegeboard.org
2- Select the SAT Tab
3- Click on Sign Up
4- Create Account
5- Remember to fill out every field
6- Write down user name and password
Make an Account
How long does it take to register?
- If you do it the short way (not completing the "Student Demographic" section) it will take you about 20 min
-If you do it the long way it will take you about 45 min-1 hr
what the student will need to register
1- The student will need to know his/her birth given name
2- Make sure the ID has that exact name (School id, TX ID, Drivers License)
3- School Code
4- A camera to upload his picture (camera phone can be used)
5- Fee waiver (if student and/or school qualifies)
6- choose 8 universities the student would like to send his/her scores to.
Documents: - Fee waiver agreement
First Page
- After the student has made an account they will select "Register Now"
- The first Page will be Student Information
-Basic information such as: name, grade, and high school
- Extremely important Note:
Must finish registering because it DOES NOT SAVE
Must have a picture at the time of registration or you won't be able to move forward in the registration process
Second Page *
- The second Page Continues with information about the student such as: their classes and interests
- This page is very important
- The bottom of the page will give you an option to update profile later PRESS THAT BUTTON
- This option will allow you skip and go to the end of the registration process, if not, it will take an hour to complete the registration
Picture Page
- Click on add picture
- My computer
- Locate the camera or device
and add the picture
Step 4
Fee Waiver Page and Date Selection
- The student will now need the fee waiver (fee waiver has the school code , and counselor's name) check off the first box for free reduce lunch.
- If the student will use a fee waiver, then he/she need to check the square box "Will provide a fee waiver".
- The student fills in the blanks and check the required boxes
- The student will then select a date to test on.
Step 5
Select Test Center
- It will then ask the student for a test center you will just input the zip code of your city
- it will then give the student the options where there is space available and the student selects the closest test site to their home.
Step 6
Add 8 schools of choice
- The student will then agree to everything.
-make sure the names match the student's id (Super Important)
- The student will then print the registration ticket (make sure he or she keeps it in a safe place)
- At the very end the student will have the opportunity to send his/ her scores when available, Everyone gets four free score sends with registration (the first time they register they can send up to 8 score reports for free- if they wait to add them later they will only have 4 score reports to send)
- Students will forget to do this part, so you must remind them or else schools will not receive it.

Step 7
Technical issues
& Important Info.
What can go wrong?
Just because it is uploaded does not means it meets the requirement for testing admission.
Make sure it is focused, shows full face (face and shoulders only), match his/her appearance, no sunglasses, and no additional people in picture.

the Picture!!
good! ;)
blurry/too close
It will happen! and that's why it is important to help them keep track.
-if not, reset them by answering the challenge questions and then e-mail.
-if the student still doesn't remember CALL!! collegeboard at 866-392-3017
Forgot Username & Password
What can go wrong?
what can go wrong?
-This will happen with students that either forgot their accounts and somehow created new ones.

- Students in the 8th/9th grade might have taken the PSAT / SAT for certain programs.

-In that case the student will have to call collegeboard and get that fixed, in order to continue.
Another SAT account exists!
Matching Information
-Wrong SSN may cause misplacement of scores and universities may never get the scores.
-Student will not be allowed to enter testing site if the name on the registration is mismatched with their id.
-Date of Birth (DOB) is another way to identify the student; make sure it is correct.

Scale 200 – 800 points
Additional subscores: essay 2-13
The mean is about 500 critical reading and 500 in math

+1 pt. questions you get correct
-¼ pt. for incorrect answers
0 pts subtracted for incorrect student provided response (math)
0 pts subtracted for questions left unanswered

what do my scores mean?
important info.
important info.
what to bring?
-Photo ID (drivers license, school id, state id)
-ticket! (always available under student's cb account)
-Ti-99 Calculator or basic calculator
-a pencil (#2, no mechanical pencil)
-sweater! test centers are usually cold
(no hoodies)
-power snack, water, peppermints, nothing crunchy
- tissues in case you have the sniffles or want to cry
Senior Director, College Planning & Regional Initiatives
4330 Gaines Ranch Loop, Ste. 200
Austin, Texas 78735-6735
512 721-1803
512 721-1841 (fax)
4330 Gaines Ranch Loop, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78735-6735
Phone: 866-392-3017
Fax: 512-721-1841
Southwest Regional Office
Barbary A. Keith
Success Stories
-Fernando Ramirez Rubio
-Students and their stories
- Rivera's Junior test registration
How to keep track of waivers
- Waiver agreement: In some schools if a student does not show up he/ she forfeits the right to another waiver. In other schools a student may reschedule his test date.
-Create a spreadsheet on excel
name, school id, test date, and waiver number
- In case they loose their ticket you will have a record of their waiver number sign them on your SAT Waiver tracker or make copy.
- In certain high schools you will not have authorization to hand out waivers it will be the counselor's or another staff member responsibility.
And please remember...
To update your Tracker!
It is extremely important to keep track of everything you do. Number of SAT waivers, registration, applications, 1-on-1 etc
Look for the most effective way to do so.
Tip 1: Track all your work each day, at the end of the school day.
Tip 2: Set a day, i.e. Friday, to update all your week hard work :)
If the student misses his/her test, there is a fee of $26, regardless if a waiver was used to register. There is no waiver for this fee!
Counselor Suite
If you were given access to the SAT counselor Suite, then you can check which students have registered and taken the exam,
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