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Ad v.s. Ad (Media)

No description

Carrie Chen

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Ad v.s. Ad (Media)

By: Langni & Carrie 8G Ad V.S. Ad Advertisement #1 : Prom ABOUT THE AD Why Adolescents? Advertisement #2: London Games 2012 We know that that this advertisement is directed to young drivers and teenagers because of a few reasons. Firstly, the main "character" is a high school senior attending prom. Adults, seniors, and younger children would not be able to relate and understand as well as the normal student in grade twelve. This is a perfect age for car companies to advertise to as young drivers usually get their first car and license at this point in life. In this ad, many Olympic athletes are portrayed as children again. It's like a flashback for their parents on the long journey to the 2012 London Games. Parents play a big role in a child's life. Especially for kids and adolescents for are competitive athletes in the making. Moms and dads are there to drive their children to lessons, pay the bills, support them through tough times, parents are their to catch you when you fall down. The Olympic Games are all about perseverance, commitment, and sacrifice. Parents make these things possible. Watching your child compete in the Olympics is something telling you that all your hard work has paid off. This ad pulls on your heart strings as a parent to go with the brand P&G. The ad makes you feel like they understand you very much and want to commend you for you contributions. Target Audience of This Ad:
Teenagers/ Young Adults In the Ad, a regular, not-so-popular teenage boy is shown getting ready for Prom. He definitely isn't "pumped" for this occasion because he has no date for the prom. And like all the other mothers in the world, his mom tries to reassure him that most people go by themselves. Not believing his mom, the boy sulks to the doorway, when suddenly his dad appears to give the keys to an Audi. The boy suddenly gains amazing courage to park in the "principal only" spot in the parking lot. He then rushes into the school and kisses the prom Queen. He gets beat up by the outraged prom King, But he doesn't care. Filled with exhilaration, the boy hoots and hollers as he rushes through the highway. The advertisement then shows: Bravery. that's what defines us. (But Honestly, if you think about it, the message doesn't make much sense.) Target Audience of This Ad:
Moms and Parents PROM BRAVERY DARE-DEVIL Devotion LOVE FAMILY About the Ad/ Audience PURPOSE This advertisement is trying to get the audience to buy the car. We know this because in the end, the ad states: Bravery. It's what defines us. Audi. Truth in engineering. The entire commercial is based on the trait : courage. They are saying that if you buy the car, you'll have courage and the will-power to do ANYTHING. REASONING AND EVIDENCE Like I've previously stated, the advertisement says that we should buy the car because then, we'll become fearless and brave. This is all proven in the ad when the boy suddenly becomes a dare-devil while driving the Audi. RELEVANCE OF EVIDENCE SOUNDNESS OF REASONING Relevance of Evidence Soundness Of Reasoning A lot of this commercial is irrelevant. Unless it was advertising for a ride to the prom, the use the prom doesn't relate to the car. Kissing the prom Queen, parking in a principal only lot, all have nothing to do with Audi cars. The advertisement is trying to fool you with these images to make you to think: Oh, if you buy this car, I'll be courageous and I can do anything. But really, it doesn't make much sense at all. Buying an Audi car will not make you invincible and immune to pain. T Purpose Reasoning and Evidence The reasoning doesn't really make sense. Think about it. Would buying a car make you a fearless dare-devil? Probably not. It might boost your self-esteem a bit, but not like the extreme confidence shown in the commercial. The purpose of this ad is to persuade parents to buy P&G products. P&G shows gratitude and lets all the mothers in the world know that their hard work to help their children is honored by them. This makes the brand seem very understanding and kind, thus influencing the parents to return the kindness by buying their products. The advertisement is telling the parents that P&G understands how they feel. They persuade the parents by making them feel as if they should return the kindness by doing something for that brand. In which case, the only way to "help" the brand is to buy their products. Unlike the previous ad, some parts of the advertisement relate to the product being sold. The pictures in this advertisement actually relate to P&G. Since it is a worldwide partner of the olympics, the pictures of the Olympians actually connect. They then use other more irrelevant statements to sell the product. The use of these strategies then mix together in the end to conclude one message: buy P&G products. The reasoning of this advertisement does slightly make sense. After all, it is common courtesy to return an act of kindness to someone after they have shown consideration. But the question is, are they really showing kindness, or pulling on your heartstrings? The obvious answer is is heartstrings. They do show a small act of gratitude, but they make it seem like something big, just to play with your feelings. ADVERTISEMENT NUMBER TWO!!! For a more genuine reasoning to actually buy the product!
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