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Popular Diet and Weight Loss Plans

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Carley Smith

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of Popular Diet and Weight Loss Plans

This presentation has provided an overview, diet plan and recipes for current popular diets and weight loss programs. The information shown for each diet was obtained through using credible sources to conduct the research. This ensured that all relevant information was accurate and credible while utilising Metzger’s checklist (Metzger, 2007).
Diet and
Weight-Loss Plans

COM1003 Learning and Communicating Online

By Team 1: Carley Smith, Danielle Hesselman, Joanne Brady, Trista Hale, Yardena Schachna
20/20 DIET
5:2 DIET
Paleo Diet Overview
Diet Plan and Exercise
Further Information
Diet Overview
Diet Plan and Exercise
Further Information
Further Information
Diet Overview
Diet Plan and Exercise
Diet Overview
Diet Plan and Exercise
Further Information
Diet Plan and Exercise
Diet Overview
Further Information
The Lola Berry 20/20 diet provides a program to assist weight loss of 20kg in 20 weeks by following the plans and guidance provided in Lola's books. Through the information Lola provides, a healthier mind and body can be achieved. (Berry, 2012).
The Diet Plan is a 20 week plan to follow that is incorporated into the book.

Exercise starts with a 22 minute walk on day 1 and gradually builds up to a jog only for 30 minutes by day 20, meditation and yoga are also encouraged (Berry, 2012).

Examples of the provided recipes are:

Breakfast: 2 slices of Choc Banana Bread with Fresh Ricotta

Lunch: Quinoa Nori Metabolism Boosting Wraps

Dinner: Moroccan Lamb and Date Tagine with Cauliflowe

(Berry, 2012)

The 20/20 Diet, Lola Berry

The Happy Cookbook, Lola Berry



The Paleo Diet is based on the food that our ancestors ate close to 3 million years ago. It consists of foods that are traditionally hunted and gathered including a balance of meats, quality fats and fibrous vegetables (Evans,2015).
Foods Allowed:
Lean meats
Fresh Fruits
Nuts and seeds
Healthy oils, ie, coconut oil

Foods to avoid
Cereal grains
Grain-like seeds
Starchy vegetables
Salt-containing foods
Fatty cuts of meat

(Cordain, 2015).
An active lifestyle and regular exercise is encouraged.
The Mediterranean Diet is based on the traditional cuisine eaten by those living in the countries of the Mediterranean region. The diet is promoted by many government health organisations as the best diet to improve cardiovascular health. The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet were first identified by scientists in the 1970s and continue to be researched today. (Altomare et al., 2013)
The Mediterranean diet encourages the following:
• Olive oil as the main source of fat consumed
• High intake of vegetables with each meal
• Fish, seafood and legumes as the main source of protein
• Fruits and nuts for snacking
• Low consumption of meat, eggs and butter
• Wholegrain foods included with meals
• Sweets and desserts eaten sparingly (Johnson, 2013)

Moderate exercise daily is recommended (Johnson, 2013)

Amazing Banana Nut Muffin Recipe


Asparagus Quiche with Kale Pesto

Asparagus Quiche with Kale Pesto

Lola Berry , 2012



Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken


Pancetta Wrapped Fish with Lemony Potatoes



The Complete Mediterranean Diet, Michael Ozner MD

The Mediterranean Diet, Dr Catherine Itsipoulou (PhD. APD)

Created by Dr Michael Mosley, BBC presenter in his quest for his own better health. The regulations of the diet are (Fasting) or cutting down your cal intake to 500 cal for females and 600 cal for males for 2 days. While the rest of the week you eat normally. (Sheppeard, 2013)
Diet plan:
-2 days a week of fasting

Intense, high paced workouts for a maximum 3 mins once to three times a week
(Sheppeard, 2013)
Low calorie foods are encouraged such as:

-1 boiled egg and ½ piece of toast

- 1 Cup of low calorie soup

- Chopped vegetables with hummus dip

(The 5:2 Diet weighing it up, 2013)

The Fast Diet, Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, and Live Longer with the Simple Secret of Intermittent Fasting. Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer

The South Beach Diet is a low-GI diet, which was originally developed to assist heart patients in the United States. This diet has no calorie counting and no limits on portions. It encourages the consumption of three meals and two snacks daily as well as following an exercise plan (Lee, 2013).
The South Beach Diet consists of three different phases to help dieters maintain a healthy lifestyle. Phase one is a two-week quick weight loss regime to jump start the diet for people who have more than 10lbs to lose through eliminating cravings. Phase two re-introduces low-GI carbs and lasts until weight loss goal is achieved. Phase three never ends and helps dieters maintain their goal weight for life (Agatston, 2015).

Following a regular exercise schedule is encouraged for success.

Eat Drink Paleo, 2013
Paleo Grubs, 2014
Sporteluxe, 2014
Modern Readers, 2015
Eating Well, 2009
Body + Soul, 2014
Fine Cooking, 2015
Fitness Junkees, 2015
Buffolo Chicken Salad

Vegetable Quiche Cups To Go:

Cauliflower Mash:

South Beach Diet, 2015

Welcome, this presentation aims to provide you with a brief summary of popular, current diet trends.

This presentation has utilised Metzger's (2007) checklist of accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency and coverage. Information was checked to see that it was complete and comprehensive (Metzger 2007), and consideration taken as to what the author's goals/objectives were for posting information. Author's qualifications or credentials were also verified. Navigation and organisation of sites was considered along with advertising and typographical errors.


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Music by: Townhall. Song title: Food. Source: www.freemusicarchive.com
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