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Legal Research - Spring 2015 - 2015 Moot Court

No description

dana neacsu

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Legal Research - Spring 2015 - 2015 Moot Court

Excellent for patent searches
translate the research question into research terms
Whether you use LexisAdvance or WestlawNext, use as many filters a possible before you click search.
Anonymous Librarian
The Role of Google
But not so good for complex legal issues
Formulate a Research Queary
The Macro-management Level of IL Research:

1. free-of-charge or fee-based repositories of information?
2. do you use a simple or advanced search?
3. what limits / filters are you going to use, if any?
using secondary sources requires to use a filter
4. what keyword terms are you going to use?

The Micro-management Level of IL Research
Dana Neacsu
Spring 2015
Always make sure you update your results
Legal Research
2015 Giles S. Rich Memorial Moot Court Problem

1. research terms which mirror your research issue;
2. use synonyms
3. use boolean connectors:
flexibility when searching secondary vs. primary sources
4. do your results answer your question?

manage your results!
choose a database and use its features:
Inventors Sylvester Gatto and Azrael LeChat filed suit against Katze Corporation, alleging Katze’s ROLLcat device infringes their US Patent 8,405,554 under 35 U.S.C. § 271(a).

1. Query: Patent Claim Construction

2. Query: whether the prior art reference at issue was "publicly accessible" so as to qualify as a printed publication.
patent construction: Secondary sources?
http://cliobeta.columbia.edu/ (nutshells)
Primary sources:
statutory research 35 USC 102b BUT
notes of decisions difficult to manage
use: one good case approach
the keynumber system
use full text searches
Dana Neacsu, edn13@columbia.edu
emails work best
Legal issue: whether the prior art reference at issue was "publicly accessible" so as to qualify as a printed publication.

Specific research query: what constitutes a “printed publication” under 35 USC § 102
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