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Crisis Management Model (PNP Manual)

No description

Valerie Fausto

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Crisis Management Model (PNP Manual)

Crisis Management Model
(PNP Manual) Pro-active Phase
Reactive Stage Pro-Active Stage Reactive Stage -designed to predict or prevent the probability of occurrence of crises at the same time prepare to handle them when they occur.
-designed to address the situation or crisis.
these included: 1st Stage: PREDiCTiON i. Foretelling the likelihood of Crisis
ii. through:
1. Continuous assessment of all possible threats and threat groups.
2. analysis of development of reported events & incidents.
3. updated inputs from intelligence report 2nd Stage: PREVENTiON i. institution of passive & active security measures.
ii. remedy or solution of destabilizing factors or security flaws to such crisis or emergency.
iii. vigilance and alertness to sign or manifestation crisis or emergency
iv. establishment of alert systems. 3rd Stage: PREPARATiON i. planning, organizing, training & stockpiling of equipment, supplies needed

ii. simulated drills at unspecified days iNiTiAL ACTiON i. monitoring the progress of the incident
ii. securing the scene
iii. protecting itself
iv. establishing perimeter security
v. evacuating innocent civilians
vi. preventing escape of perpetrators ACTiON
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