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Luxury Goods Management-Salvatore Ferragamo

No description

Hatice Kubra Bayram

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Luxury Goods Management-Salvatore Ferragamo

Luxury Goods Management - Midterm Project Kubra Bayram, 3rd June 2013 Company Profile Introduction * Company Profile
* Brand Identity
* Swot Analysis
* Non-traditional
Marketing Campaigns
* Conclusion The company was found in 1927 year by talented shoemaker SalvatoreFerragamo,
in Florence, Italy. * Core Product is shoes for men and women, * Leather goods & Handbags,
Suitcases, RTW, Denim, Fragrances,
Eyewear and Watches * Endowed with a unique combination
of heritage, creativity, glamour and
exclusive Italian craftsmanship. * Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the major
prestigious brand in the luxury
goods industry worldwide, Distributes its products 92 countries over 3.000 employes and network
of 606 mono-brand stores. * Weaknesses; Swot Analysis * Opportunities ; Brand Identity Brand Identity * Superior quality product, * Italian spirit with its distinctive,
creative and innovative style, * Orginal and iconic products, * Italian craftsmanship, * Unique brand culture and heritage, * "Made in Italian "artisanal quality, * Sense of exclusiveness, elagance,
glamour, Renaissance's classical beauty, Salvatore Ferragamo Brand Identity Prism * Strengths ; * Unique brand heritage, "Made in Italy" artisanal production,
Italian craftsmanship, wide product range, * Focusing on fast growing emerging markets, specially Greater China, Middle East and Russian markets, * Have strong distribution network worldwide, * Extremely qualified management team, * Perfect travel retail locations, * Good price positioning, * Strong relationships with its suppliers, * High skilled design team, * Complicated brand perception across markets, * Lower profitability against its competitors, * Limited product style as sizes and colors despite of wide range, * Slow decision making process within the company, * Lack of understanding of customer purchasing
behavior in some particular markets, * Giving less importance to men's product range, * Damaged by exchange rates of US dollar and Yen, * Growth rapidly of emerging markets, * Development of its sales performance in DOS, * Growth of leader goods markets worldwide, * Growth of e-commerce channels worldwide, * Expansion opportunity in travel retail channel, * The customers willing to pay high prices
for prestigious brands, L’ICONA Non-traditional Marketing Campaign * Threats ; Conclusion * Strong competitors which it includes
Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, LV, Tod's,
Valentino, Armani, Emanuel Ungaro, * Damaged brand name by imitation products, * Risk of damage by natural disasters, Salvatore Ferragamo Timepieces Italian tradition of craftsmanship,
combining Swiss watchmaking excellence
with sophisticated material,
casual and sense of exclusiveness. * Displayed on some of Hong Kong’s distinctive
double decker trams Timepieces Collection Target market Men and Women with strong purchasing power Campaign; * Different and innovative
advertisement photo shooting to the
many kind of magazines worldwide and
attractive video for digital world. 21 Girls 21 Days
One Ferragamo Icon
Celebriting 35 Years of the
VARA shoes. Online Digital Marketing Campaign The campaign cruated by portrait photographer
Claiborne Swanson Frank and icons discover
each day their individual style through
their own words, photography and
film that can be customized
own Varas or Varinas. Aim of the campaign; giving inspires to the target audience
that can explore, customize and create their
own Varas or Varinas, reflecting their
unique personal style. Customize your own Vara shoes Salvatore Ferragamo is traditional
and family based company.
At the same time, it implements
creative and innovative marketing
campaigns that can be reach
its target audience's expectations.
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