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Copy of 7th grade Math Procedures

No description

Samuel Hasty

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of 7th grade Math Procedures

Write your name in the bottom corner of the "Do Now" sheet and bubble in the answers. Turn in the Exit Ticket as you leave the room!
Topic 3
Topic 4
Topic 5
do now:
Complete the survey you picked up at the front of the room silently until the timer goes off. If you finish early, sit in SLANT.
BIG GOALS: We have two major goals in our classroom this year:

1) 100% of us will score 90% or higher on every exit ticket, every quiz, every unit test and every assignment in 7th grade Mathematics.
2) 100% of us will possess all the foundational skills to compete in high school and become champions in our lives.

classroom procedures notes
*you will be quizzed on these procedures at the end of this week!*
how to enter the room:
1. Come in silently and pick up class materials on the table at the front of the room.
2. Go straight to your seat *WITHOUT TALKING* and begin the "Do Now."

3. If you finish the Do Now early, you may read your DEAR book. Stay silent.
Why is it important to do the "do now" in complete silence?
"Do nows" and "exit tickets" are counted for a quiz grade. if you do not complete them silently and to the best of your ability, you will get a zero for that day.
Mr. Hasty's rules for greatness
-Enter the room silently
-Always try your best
-Follow all directions the first time. (We are not little kids anymore!)
-Treat EVERYONE else the way that you would want to be treated
-Respect and love are contagious, always spread them.

noise levels
1) Code Red = SILENCE

2) Code Yellow = Whispering

3) Code Green = Talking
s. l. a. n. t.
Sit up
Listen carefully
Ask and answer questions (raised hands)
Nod your head
Track the speaker

Lets practice!
exit procedures
grading scale


IF YOU ARE ISOLATED you will complete a reflection sheet on the isolation desk. if you earn a detention, a detention reflection sheet will be provided for you.
defiance of authority; refusal to obey orders.
15% = Participation & Behavior
40% = Tests
30% = Quizzes + Exit Tickets
15% = Classwork + Homework
0 pts = okay class (students meet expectations)
1 pts = good class (students participate + try hard)
2 pts = great class (students are respectful + work hard)
3 pts = amazing class (students are helpful to each other, insightful, + show real GRIT)
- Free computer time
- music in class
- choosing your own seat in class

Mr. Hasty will dismiss you table by table and you will SILENTLY line up at the door and drop off your exit ticket as you leave the room.

how can you earn a lynx buck?
- 100% on assessments
- A student is overtly helpful or respectful
- A student stays on task for 100% of class despite distractions
- Students win a game or competition
- Students complete extra assignments
- Student reads their DEAR book when they have extra time
- and more!
These goals we have for our class are ambitious goals. They are hard to achieve!
To reach these goals we will have to work HARD, we will have to work TOGETHER, help each other out, EMOTIONALLY LIFT EACH OTHER UP, and CONSISTENTLY work hard TOGETHER to achieve these goals.

Why are we setting such high goals?
Why do we want to score 90% or higher on everything we do in class?
Why do we want to work to get the foundational skills to compete in high school and become champions in our lives?

Take the next 1 minute to turn and talk to your partner about WHY you think it's important to score 90% or higher on everything we do.
We come to school every single day so that we can live up to our POTENTIAL. We all want to be great at something. We may want to be great at different things, That’s OKAY! Greatness in ANYTHING is not given, it is earned by hard work. What we learn here will allow us to be great in ANYTHING we choose to pursue.
Why setting HIGH goals is so important:
When we set high goals we start to SEPARATE OURSELVES FROM AVERAGE.
When you set high goals you make a choice to do something others won't do, so that in the future you can do things others CAN'T do.
If we set a low goal, how can we show people how great we can be? How can we show OURSELVES how great we can be?
Why is it so important for me to be silent during DO NOW AND EXIT TICKET TIME?

I, as an adult in the room, have to hold you to high standards. I want to see you be a CHAMPION in EVERYTHING you are doing. When you speak during this time it takes away from our collective greatness as a class.
Champions understand that they don't have time to waste:

In order to truly be a champion, you must hold YOURSELF to a high standard in order to succeed.

Why is S.L.A.N.T important for us to maintain during class time?
Our time here is very VALUABLE. We do not have any time to waste.
S- Studies have shown that sitting up strait increases blood flow to your brain allowing it to process material at its fastest rate.
L- God has given you two ears and only one mouth for a reason. Listening is one of the most important pieces to success. Here is a quick video from a Harvard Professor who mentored Jay-Z
A - Asking and answering questions is a powerful way to improve
yourself every single day. How can you improve if you don't ask about things you are unsure about??
N- Show me and your team mates love and support by nodding your head so they can have the confidence to keep improving!
T- Tracking the speaker allows you to maximize your time! If you are tracking properly, we won't have to repeat stuff unnecessarily because you weren't ready to be a champion.
Champion- noun \ˈcham-pē-ən\

1: someone or something (such as a team or an animal) that has won a contest or competition
2: an advocate or defender <a champion of civil rights>
3: someone who fights or speaks publicly in support of a person, belief, cause, etc.
4: a winner of first prize or first place in competition; The Best

Why are classroom procedures important?
Because they allow us to get THE MOST out
of our time. We CANNOT be Champions if we are not maximizing our time.
Exit Ticket
You will have 5 minutes to complete your exit ticket.
Once your exit ticket is complete, you may begin reading your D.E.A.R book SILENTLY.
I will call you up table by table to be dismissed.
You will place your exit ticket in the tray by the doorway and line up silently with both of your feet in one square.
Do Now:
Why is setting high goals important to your own success?

Do you want to be great? If so, what do you think it takes to be great? Why isn't everyone great?

Why is it important for us to enter and exit the room silently?

Do We have time to waste if we want to be great? Why or Why not?
Do Now:

Write down two ways that sitting in S.L.A.N.T can help you AND your classmates.

Explain to me in a complete sentence why setting high goals is important to your success:

We have one week until fall break. What is something you would like to be better at a week from now?

What goal can you set today to make sure that you improve in that skill by next week?
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