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Puritan vs Amish

No description

paige mcdowell

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Puritan vs Amish

Puritan vs. Amish Brianna Crooks
Faith Roberts
Paige McDowell Puritan
- Church attendance was mandatory, if you missed you were fined.
- Fundamental Rule: Follow God"s Rule.
- The Bible provided a plan for living.
- They believed in predestination.
- Forgiveness of sin is obtained through the grace of God.
- The believe in salvation through God.
- They believed Jesus died for the chosen ones, not everyone. Religion Puritan
- They required a tax supported school and at least one child must be able to read the Bible.
- Women did not participate in town meetings and were excluded from church decisions.
- Dancing was acceptable but sexual dancing was not allowed.
- Drinking was acceptable but getting drunk was not.
- Man was required to forgive.
-They swam and skated, hunted and fished. Daily Lives Puritan
- The weekly Lord's Day was said to be celebration enough.
- They did not celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter.
- They felt this was too many holidays to celebrate and any one of them might open the door to idolness and was not encouraged by the church. Things Celebrated Puritan
- Harsh punishment was inflicted when you strayed from God's works.
- Adulterers were executed, however the lucky ones only had to wear a large scarlet A in public.
- Public whippings were common, as well as witch trials.
- People felt no remorse about administering punishment. Punishment Amish
- They practiced adult baptism.
- They practiced communion and feet-washing in the spring or fall.
- Humble about humility
- personal belief in a sign of eternal security is a sign of arrogance.
- Although most believe in salvation by grace, some believe in grace by works.
- The only time an offering is received is in the spring and fall, only twice a year.
- Members join together in singing songs but no musical instruments are used. Amish
- They isolate themselves from society .
- Do not use any technology including electricity.
- Believe strongly in education, but their schools only go to 8Th grade.
- Large families with 7-10 children are common
- Chores are determined by whether you are male or female.
- Amish marry Amish no matter what.
- Divorce is not permitted. Amish
- Shunning is common for those who violate the rules.
- For doing something wrong the bishop would cut off all of the persons hair.
- They treat all punishment the same, whether you dress improperly or rape a child, it will be dealt with equally.
- It is okay to lie about a crime you will not be punished.
- Teachers are required to spank for discipline, if they do not they can lose their job Amish
- They celebrate 4Th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Good Friday and New Years.
- They would never celebrate Halloween, however they can decorate using uncarved pumpkins during the autumn months.
- The holidays they do celebrate are not given any recognition by the church.
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